October 4, 2013

Inspiring. Weekend. Fun.

It is F R I D A Y my dear friends and I'm over-the-moon about that. As soon as I get out of work, I am heading to BIRMINGHAM. 

Fun fun FUN weekend ahead. My poppie & nanny are taking me to the Auburn Game, then later we are going to see those handsome john & jacob fellas.
Can't wait to see them:) makes me soooo very happy. 

The only thing I am worried about for the weekend is those auburn tigers....please please oh please let them win. Don't want to be in an ill mood after the game....I also don't want the rest of the fam to be ill either!!

I snapped a photo this week of something I wrote in my planner when I bought it. The first day I got it, I went through every month and wrote something to inspire me for that Month. This is the quote and boy oh boy did I need it. You know...at the end of the day, what is standing in my way of the things I love?!? I know that answer and its very simple. It's M E 

A very inspiring little lady commented on my photo and her comment is dead on.

Sweet lynds is right smack dab in the middle of a six or seven week travel all through Europe {completely solo on her own}, something that she has always DREAMED of doing. Shes just traveling, going with the flow. She took the first step and I'm pretty sure that first step for her was a gigantic and terrifying move. But, she did it anyway, and now she seems incredibly happy with the decision she made. 

Honestly this girl is so inspiring. Lyndsie, Keep on living it up in Europe! You're an amazing gal and I can't wait wait wait to hear all about your travels. I N S P I R I N G my dear. so so inspiring. <3

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Last night two of my favorite guys came to visit me. They are currently still snoozing. I believe they are going to fish today! I hope they stop by and see me at work. They better!!! 

I just love that picture of us. My brother and I look so much alike in this picture. That doesn't happen too often.

Well, It's 7am and I'm sitting here without any makeup on, I have to pack for the ham and get these boys up all before 8! woooooo better go.


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Elissa Garza said...

Love that! Totally what I needed to keep me going today. xo