October 2, 2013

Julep! October.

Hi there! 
A couple of weeks ago, my office manager Mary {who is obviously so super cool} told me about Julep! Basically, its the same concept at Birch Box, but its all about those pretty little nails.

The first month all you pay is the shipping of a whole $3.95 and an awesome box of goodies shows up at your door! This month, My first full paid subscription came in. It must have been delivered over the weekend while I was on my trip but it made me oh so very happy when I opened it!!!

This month, here's what I got

Cleopatra Nail Color, Blakely Nail Color, & Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener.
For real, LOVE the Cleopatra!! I will be changing my nail color before heading out to work {hopefully} 
OH & it came with a little bag of Candy Corn.

IF you LOVE pampering those pretty finger tips, I would definitely recommend subscribing to Julep!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! It's a Best Friend kind of night. Lets hope Frannie Mae & I don't do too much damage on our pocket books.

Bye now,

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