September 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: BEACH TRIP!

Hey there!!! 
Well I'm Home {sadface}from F L O R I D A and it was gorgeous!
This past weekend was all about the BRIDE...soon to be MRS. ALYSSA TUCKER<3
We started our trip there on Friday and had almost all afternoon to lay on the beach! 

Every single time I would almost start to snooze away....attack of the killer biting flies! What in the world are these things? INSANE!!! As soon as my eyes would get heavy and I was about to go into a nice relaxing snooze, I would be bitten by at least 10 flies at once. It was horrible! I've been researching remedies to beat these bad boys. They will NOT ruin my next beach snooze!

We had two great nights out for dinner!

This trip was so relaxing. I just love my Alyssa's 
We had such a great time! Its been TOO long since I've gotten to spend any good quality time with Lyssa Lou. So it was so great to just catch up with her. 
Other Alyssa is so cute! Fun to talk to:) We all had such a great time just catching up on life. BOTH of them are in the middle of planning their weddings and I am at quite the opposite end of that spectrum. So it was fun to chat with them about being engaged, as well as talking about being single.

That's the short story of a very short beach trip. I hate it couldn't have been longer.
I'm off to pamper my nails.

Bye for now,

OH, P.S. This upcoming weekend travels consist of AUBURN, ALABAMA, THE AUBURN TIGERS FOOTBALL, TAILGATING and FUN, 
and Wrapping it up with some good ole JOHN & JACOB! 
Great weekend ahead. Can we fast forward a bit?

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