April 21, 2015


Good day my friends!!
I sure hope your week has started off great. Mine sure has. Yesterday was full of productivity and this morning has been full of planning and its only 7:30 am.
Today I have a meeting with a good friend. I am super excited to work with her. Right now that's all I can say, but I'm sure in the near future you will be hearing all about her new venture. 

This weekend I went on an online shopping spree at Sephora! I had a gift card that I've tried to use so many times. But, every time I step my foot into the store I get so overwhelmed with everything and then get confused on which products I actually NEED vs. the ones I simply just want! So for me, shopping online was much much easier.

Here are the products I purchased
Makeup Setting Spray....
This stuff is the bomb!! We used it while at the beach for Francelina's bachelorette party and after the end of a very long and super fun night all of our makeup still looked exactly the same!
Sephora Collection Eyeshadow
Elizabeth & James
Nirvana Black
YES. Nails <3
They're Real Push Up Liner

So now its a waiting game, patiently waiting. 
I will be sure to let you know when I get all of the goodies and how I like them!

I'm off to plan more paintings.
By for now. Ill keep you updated on my painting classes. So, if you're in the area, I would love to have you join in on the fun!

Bye now

April 16, 2015


Good Morning Friend!!!
 The past two nights I have stayed with some of my favorite people!
Tuesday night I stayed with Francelina Mae. Saturday is her birthday and since she is going out of town for the weekend, I thought well heck, Ill just surprise her on a random week night!
So, after talking with her husband, I did just that. I think she was very very pleasantly surprised!
It was FUN! We did some major catching up since I haven't seen her since BEFORE I went to Hawaii!
Little Lucy escaped the photo somehow. Eeeeeee gee I love that pup! Maybe I just love animals in general. Anywhoooooo It was awesome seeing my bestie!!

So Wednesday night I ended up having another slumber night with my friend Melissa...or as I call her Mel B. It was fun. Mel B was working on a project. I researched things in Montgomery, and then we planned her some outfits for a couple of events this week. She has this MASSIVE walk-in closet that any girl would love! It was so easy to see every option that she had! Girls got some serious clothing and SHOES!!! So it was pretty simple to find something!

Slumber parties are way more fun when you're an adult! First of all, you can have them any night of the week that your heart desires. No parents telling you, "It's a school night! Absolutely NOT!" You can stay up how ever late you want to. It really is just way cooler when you're an adult.

Thank God I'm finally seeing the light at the end of this weeks tunnel. I'm ready to see Harry! 
I have some pretty fun things planned this weekend though, to hopefully make those last few days go by fast before he comes home! Friday consist of practicing new body flow choreography with Lyssa Lou, and Saturday consists of music at Avondale with some friends!

OH also, today is kind of a big day for me and I need some prayers and good vibes sent my way! Thanks in advance!

bye now

April 13, 2015

I am an ARTIST

Last week, my mom was going through some of her storage stuff, just doing some spring cleaning!
I may have been lecturing my own mom about all of the things that she keeps. I mean I'm sentimental but some things just need to be gotten rid of. 

Basically, as soon as I got the words out of my mouth, she was getting down to the last little bit in the drawer and she pulls out a stack of stuff. As soon as she pulled it out, my face lit up! It was ALL of my work from undergrad!!! Talk about heartwarming....this moment. GAH thanks momma! Your collection of things that are important to you can be pretty awesome sometimes. 

Here are a few from my illustration collection!

So, I say all of this to say that last week I realized something that sadly, I had forgotten.
Sometimes while being an artist as a career, day in and day out its really easy to get caught up in the work of it all. With the fast paced life that we all have, we all get caught up in just LIFE, living it from day to day, wanting a paycheck, and then just getting into a routine of it all and repeating and repeating and repeating. We all can easily forget, really deep down what we truly are and the beautiful gifts that God has given us. 


And these four truths, I will repeat to myself every single day. 
I had forgotten that I really am an artist. I had forgotten how much I really do love being a creative. I was all wrapped up in just the paper at the end of the project completion. 
I'm so ashamed to say that, but its true. 

Thanks to my moms, what I called at the time "hoarding" I now have my vision back.. I now have my truth back and I now know that her hoarding is actually not hoarding, its saved specifically to make someones day in the future!
Thanks momma!!!

Sending love to all of my fellow creatives. 
don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Do your thing, dive head first into your craft and love on others while doing so!!

Bye now

April 9, 2015

Graphics LOVE!

Hello hello hello!
So i've been eyeing these for a bit and wanted to share.
When summer is about to make its glorious appearance, I'm anxiously ready for bare legs, bare feet, and comfy comfy tanks and tees. However if I was currently living my happy life of an island girl, I would probably ditch both tanks and tees and just go straight for the swimwear and the cotton dresses. Soon enough, soon enough!

What do you think!?!? Aren't they just adorable? Yes, Absolutely!
All of these are from one of my favorite online stores, Shop Gracie!
Oh and guess what.....right from my favorite place in the world 
Go figure, huh!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! I'm busy working on logos and keeping a cute kid! 

P.S. I miss the heck out of my sweet guy!!!!

April 6, 2015

Alabama: Easter Sunday!

Happy Monday People!!!
I sure hope everyone's Easter was great.
Mine was good!!!
I spent the day with my family! We went to church, and had a really great lunch together at my nanny & pawpaws.
Unfortunately {for me at least} Harry left on a plane for a week so that was kind of the sad part of my Easter, but at least I got to spend most of it with him. 

Sweet Guy :)

My favorite part about Easter {Aside from the fact that Jesus is ALIVE} is definitely family time. I was SO sad yesterday that my baby sisters had to go to their other grandparents house. I missssssss them!!!! Also another thing I missed about this Easter is that every year for the past 4 years I have made my own Easter Dress. This year since I spent most of the winter in Maui, I didn't have enough time to sketch out an idea, or make it for that matter. 

I think If I were to have made one, I would have made one similar to the cut that I wore. 
Believe it or not, I couldnt have purchased material any cheaper than what I purchased my dress for. Would you believe I got that baby for $7.99
Seriously?!?! Yes! Its 100% T R U E

What's your favorite part of Easter?!?! Do share!
I hope everyone has a fantastic start to the week. I also hope its a short one for you!
Bye now

April 1, 2015


Goooooooood Morning Friends!
I have had a pretty good time being back in Alabama.
I love being able to see my family and my sweet man. 

Harry and I have had such a good time since I've been home. We've been to two movies, we had sushi with Alyssa and Eric (YAY), had an awesome Niki's lunch, had a late night and welcome home party with my friends as well as a night downtown at my favorite spot. My friends were so sweet. They cooked me dinner that was seriously delicious. It was fun fun fun catching up with them. They are hilarious and keep me laughing and what I love most is that Harry gets along with everyone. It's fun being back with him! The photo above is from Sunday. We had lunch with my family!

I really do love being back. It is NOT pretty here. The colors are dull and the scenery in most areas are just dull and brownish. But, despite that, there is something special about this place. Downtown Birmingham nights have this unspoken charm. This city is growing and i love seeing it and for now, I will continue to be a part of that!

. I love being back with Harry! I love being back with my family. I love being back with my friends. I love being back in Birmingham. 
I miss MAUI, Gypsy, and the Blessings terribly terribly bad. But, at least I did have loving and good things welcoming me with huge loving arms when I came back. I will make this time here full of adventure, excitement, love, and FUN and loads of new memories!!!

I hope you will continue to enjoy the story of my life right here on ibB!

March 27, 2015

Back in Alabama!

So I've been trying since Wednesday to get back on the Alabama time. 

I left Maui at noon on Monday and got back to Alabama on Tuesday at 8 in the morning. I was so dead tired. BUT as soon as I walked around a corner at the airport and saw my sweet boyfriend, I immediately felt better!!! 

I miss Maui so much already, especially since the cold weather has revisited again. Gross! I despise the cold. I miss sweet Gypster Hipster!

and i miss Faith and Dan too!!!
The future is going to be so awesome. Yahhooooooo
Thanks everyone for reading my blog while I was gone. It really means a lot. 
I do hope you'll continue to read it while I am here. 

I'm ready for SATURDAY to be here!
It's friend time!
and Harry comes back to bham!!! Yahooooo
Bye now