April 29, 2016

Do Good People!


Today is finally the day. I've been waiting and waiting on this day to get here ALL week it honestly couldn't have creeped by any slower. But finally, FRIDAY is here and I couldn't be more thrilled about that. Now to knockout my workout and the work day. Theres something very exciting happening and I can NOT wait to share with you all! And if you're one of those that is automatically thinking..."Oh this is the day for Brianna...." and your thoughts wonder to something pretty and sparkly on my finger. Let me just stop you there...NO! That's not the exciting news for today. So you can go ahead and put that little idea to rest for another day!

So....Stay tuned here, as well as on Instagram and Facebook later tonight!

Also, one last thing for this wonderful Friday ahead.
{So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12}
Today, try and remember the scripture above. It's just so simple to do. Sometimes in life we make decisions, or we do something that has an impact on someone in a negative way. It may or may not be intentional, but it still happens sometimes. Here lately I've been really focusing on "switching the roles." Sometimes it's much easier in relationships to see how your decisions effect someone else by putting yourself in their shoes for a second. For example, say I am thinking about doing something that I'm not sure if Aaron would be okay with or not. The best way to really know other than asking him directly is to simply switch roles and ask myself, "If Aaron did that to me, would I be okay with it? If I come up with a NO answer! Then 9 out of 10 of those times, I shouldn't do it to him either! {Please don't misunderstand this...Aaron and I both are individuals who make our own decisions, however, when you're in a committed relationship, its very important to consider each others thoughts and opinions on things!} It's just so painfully simple and it kills me to see people mistreat other human beings by being so selfish. So start today! If you want to feel loved more, love on others more. If you want to smile more, give more smiles. If you want to be helped more, give more help! If you want to be invested in, invest in others! I think you get it now! GO DO IT FRIENDS! 

Bye for now

April 26, 2016

Weekend Recap!

Hello Loves!
Hope you all had a great weekend and your week has had a wonderful start.
My weekend was SO fantastic. Although, as always it goes by WAY to fast!
We had a wonderful Saturday at Pepper Place! We love spending our Saturday Mornings there and I
l o v e when we get to take Bucky Ruspin with us! The farmers market is one of my top favorite things to go to in Birmingham! And we just have so much fun together! After we went to the Farmers Market, the day was just so incredible gorgeous that we wanted Bucky to play some more! So we took him to Railroad Park! We let him off of his leash and he had the BEST time he's had in a long long time. Especially since Aaron's back surgery. I'm sure this upcoming Saturday we will be doing the same exact thing! I for sure want to take Bucky back to Railroad!
Saturday night was Belle's Night Out! So I spent some time hanging out with my boss lady and some other awesome ladies that LOVE what The Boudoir Belle is all about! So we just enjoyed hanging out and relaxing at one of the ladies gorgeous homes in Greystone. She had this incredible pool and hot tub area! It was really one of the most gorgeous homes I've seen in a minute. 

We have some fun new things coming at the end of this week and cannot wait to share with all of you! I hope you have a super fantastic day! 

Be back soon

April 22, 2016

New Styling Tools!

Holy Heaven my dear friends, I don't know if I have ever been so happy for the weekend. I feel like this week has been TWO MONTHS long. I honestly think its because last Saturday night Aaron and I went out to celebrate Kelley's 30th Birthday. We were out so late and they stayed out even later than we did! I just haven't had enough down time to recover from it. Well Kelley....You definitely brought in your 30's with a bang! Haha <3 Love that crazy lady! So I say all of that to say this... This weekend I am not doing anything except going to Church and a family birthday party! Oh and Belle's Night Out on Saturday night! 

So on to something that I have gotten around to sharing! I've had a couple of people asking about my hair and what I've been using on it! Well, I have to brag on my Handsome Man for a second. A few weeks ago, Aaron surprised me with a new flat iron from LUV Hair Inc. So he thought he was purchasing me a new flat iron. He was ordering online, btw. He knew it came with other things, but didn't know what they were! Well to my surprise it was a brand new flat iron along with a curling wand with FIVE different attachable barrel sizes. I have been in HAIR STYLING HEAVEN ever since. Before he bought me this thoughtful surprise, my Chi was completely worn out. But I have used that thing almost every single day for well longer than I can remember and I would use it to curl my hair! Needless to say, since I got the curling wand, I haven't even tried out the flat iron yet! Haha You did good babe, you did so good <3

So here's my new hair styled with my new curling wand. I think this want was maybe an inch barrel. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It makes my hair look thicker than it already is. I love big hair! We all know this about me by now ;) I love messy big natural looking hair and this gives me JUST that! 

Just wanted to share with all of you that have been asking!
Be back sometime this weekend.
Bye now

April 19, 2016

Just FAB Picks

Hi There! I hope your week has had a wonderful start. I can't lie. I'm exhausted. I've been exhausted since this weekend and can't seem to catch up. Hopefully this coming up weekend I won't have anything going on and can R E L A X with Aaron and Baby Bucky Ruspin.

So I just wanted to share with you some of my top picks from Just Fab!

Want & need all of these! <3 <3 <3
What are your top picks for all of this warm weather? 
Do Share!

Bye now

April 12, 2016

Weekend RECAP

Hi there! I hope your week has had a great start. Other than the weather, I think its going pretty great. My weekend was packed full of F U N with Aaron. His dad was in town for the weekend, so Friday night we went out and saw Green River Ordinance. Gosh they are SO good. And little did I know, they were from Texas. So, Aaron and his dad LOVED that! 
Saturday, I went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding II by myself. Sad to say, it wasn't as good as I was hoping. I was so glad I didn't drag Aaron to see this movie with me. I was pretty bummed out about it. So after the movie mad me sad, I went to get a manicure and got some sweets from Edgar's Bakery ;) It totally made me forget all about the movie. 

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNAY <3 this was a w o n d e r f u l day. Aaron and I went to church and then had a pizza date at whole foods. D E L I S H. I love eating pizza at whole foods because they make pizza with fake cheese so my little lactose intolerant tummy can handle it. After that we did a little bit of "shopping" and it was SO so much fun!! I'm not sure if Aaron had as much fun as I did, but I think he enjoyed it a little! He's so sweet!! 

After our shopping, I  took Mr. Bucky and we met up with my friends Amber and Melissa at Avondale. They had all of the local Food Trucks out. It was fun. But you could barely walk there were so many people in such a tiny place. So, needless to say we didn't stay long at all AND all the sweets were sold out :( Either way, it was still a really fun Sunday!

Who's ready for this coming weekend?! ME ME MEEEEE! 
Be back soon!

Bye Now

April 6, 2016

Summer Dress Love!

Hi there! 
I hope your week has been off to a great start. 
We are at the half way mark and I am really ready for the weekend!!

I wanted to share a few summer time dresses that I am L O V I N G right now. They are all from Beginning Boutique. If you have never shopped with them, you should totally check them out. They have some of the cutest clothing...pretty much ever!

Here are some top picks for Summer Dresses.

How perfect are they?

What are some of your favorite online shops to buy summer dresses from? Do share! I am always looking for new companies to fall in love with!

Have a great Wednesday Loves!
Bye now

Oh, I just had to share! Yesterday my sweet and handsome man had Chocolate Covered Strawberries delivered to me. Sometimes I just can't believe how blessed I am to have someone so caring and thoughtful that loves me more than I could have ever imagined. I love you Handsome. Thank you so much for the sweet surprise! Now help me eat them!! I love you!

April 2, 2016

Product Review: Fragrant Jewels

Hi Friends! 
I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Mine has been pretty great. 
It's been a somewhat lazy day here.

I wanted to tell you about this amazing company that I just recently tried out. 
It's call Fragrant Jewels.  
and I am completely o b s e s s e d !

So the first thing I ordered was a bath bomb. I am obsessed with bath bombs in general. But really, how much more amazing is a bath bomb that has a hidden gorgeous ring inside. 


With my first order, I received an extra ring for FREE <3
My free ring is so gorgeous. It's a round halo. The band is very slim with an antique-ish detail. 
The detail on the side of the ring is exactly what I want my wedding band to look like!

Isn't my free ring super pretty!

Fragrant Jewels not only offer bath bombs, but candles and fragrance beads as well. 
So here is the super fun part about the rings hidden inside each product, each ring comes with a code. Once you get it, you enter the code into their jewelry vault and it tells you how much your ring is worth. You have a chance of winning a $10,000 ring! Can you imagine winning a 10,000 ring from a $24 candle or a $15 bath bomb? 

When you go to order whichever product you want, you get to pick what size ring you want. The company has several scents for both candles and bath bombs. I got the Cotton Candy Bath Bomb and I can still smell the sweet scent on my skin. Also, my skin is super soft! This is probably one of the best bath bombs I've ever purchased. Not only did it smell amazing it was a fantastic size!

The ring inside my bath bomb was similar to my free ring! The stones around the center stone, as well as down the band were larger than the ones on my free ring. 
Such a gorgeous ring!
My rings were worth $25 and I am very very happy with my purchase from Fragrant Jewels. In fact I was so happy I turned right around and made another purchase as soon as I got out of my bath! I want that $10,000 ring, but that isnt why I made another purchase. I am planning on making all of my candle purchases from here on out from Fragrant Jewels. I am totally in love. Oh did I mention it got here in only a few days. Some of the reviews I've read, some people had issues with shipping, but each product is made to order so it takes a little bit of time to process the order!

So so sooo glad I  came across this company. I have some really great ideas for future use of it too :)