November 19, 2014


To one of my absolute 
F A V O R I T E 
Ladies on the planet.


This lady has inspired me and impacted my life more than she will ever know. Her drive and love for what she does is so inspiring. A year ago almost to the date, I was working in Florence absolutely miserable. I hated my job and dreaded work every. single. day. and that's just me being completely transparent and honest about that.

God definitely MADE our paths cross and it was exactly when I needed it the most. He used a precious angel named Hope that recommended me to Faith without even knowing my current work situation. At the time Faith wanted only a part time worker, and I had to have a full time job, so begrudgingly I had no other choice but to tell her that I wasn't interested. Long story short, Faith and I ended up chatting again a month or so later about her needing someone even more so than before and I was seriously just ridiculously miserable where I was and was ready to bolt!!

Everything that happened, happened exactly when it was supposed to and I'm insanely thankful for that. 

I never knew that when I started working for Faith that my college-burned out passion for photography would 
F I N A L L Y 
be rekindled. I never knew that when I started working for her that I could obtain so much knowledge in a years time. I never knew that I would gain another family that I know loves me and appreciates me. I never knew that I would discover my dream job and I never knew that my work would be appreciated so much. 

My favorite thing that I have learned since working for Faith {and her husband} is that hard work pays off. Faith and Dan are two of the hardest working human beings I have ever met. I love that when you yourself are a hard worker and you work for hard workers that your work is truly appreciated and not taken for granted simply because they KNOW exactly what hard work is!!! 

THANK YOU so much Faith for having such a positive impact on my life. I am so so thankful for you. You were never a boss to me. You are a role model, an inspiration, my biggest mentor and one of my closest friends!

I love you sweet lady and hope your day is FANTASTIC!!!!


November 18, 2014

TOP TWO: Holiday Cooking Traditions

It's time for this weeks TOP TWO!
This week is all about the Holiday Traditions.
I know for most of us, there are always family traditions that we just absolutely look forward to every year around the holidays. As soon as that excitement is fulfilled every season, its like that anxious feeling for a year to pass is immediately back. There is just something about the Holiday season that makes you H A P P Y. Or maybe I'm just a weirdo....Or maybe I know that at the heart of the whole season, perfection was born to this world just so I can live.
SO, Clearly I love love loved the holidays!

Okay so here are only TWO of my very many favorite holiday cooking traditions!

Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas Eve 
They are so simple and made from Crescent Rolls!
I know I know...I don't eat Cinnamon Rolls. But, I do however L O V E baking and I love making these on Christmas Eve with my Nanny. 

Two years ago, my nanny and I were cooking away on Christmas Eve Morning and we realized we didn't have the crescent rolls we needed. So, what do you do?? You send PawPaw to the grocery to grab them!? Wrong. He came back with Garlic Buttered Crescent Rolls. 
So needless to say, the Cinnamon Rolls didn't happen that year. But it sure was funny to joke about.


My Grandmommy is a WONDERFUL cook. Breakfast at her house on Christmas Day is always so delicious. Every year we all look SO forward to her Sticky Buns. They are the best on planet. Swear by it. The whole breakfast at her house is perfection, but the sticky buns are definitely the Star dish for the morning!

So tell me, What are your TOP TWO Holiday Traditions?!?!
I would love to hear. 

Bye for now

November 16, 2014

Goodbye Gypster Hipster

Hi Hi!!!
It's a really sad day here in my world. 
It's my last day with Gypster Hipster.

Over the past year, this little gal has become such a sweet part of my life.
I remember like it was yesterday the first time I ever met Gypsy. 
It was on her daddy's birthday, and I was meeting Faith for an interview.

When I walked in and saw Gypsy, I immediately fell in love with her. I love animals, but there was something about her. Of course, at that moment I never would have imagined that love for animal could grow so much in a years time. 

In June when Faith and Dan asked me if I would take care of her for five months, I knew then that it would be a difficult situation in the end, and it absolutely is. But I have made the absolute best adventure that I possibly could for this pup pup while she's been here and I know I am saying good bye with more memories than I ever could have imagined and I do know that Gypsy Marie loves me so SO much.

 Here is a look back over the past year, Enjoy!!

{this is the first photo I ever took of my sweet buddy!}

Just a recap of our fun time here on our #bhamadventure we...
Slept in and cuddled on the reg
made friends with lots of other pups.
went hiking at oak mountain
went swimming in the lake
went on lots of runs
took lots of road trips to Florence
went to railroad park for a day full of food trucks
had lots of attention downtown
had dinner at Gypsy's favorite places downtown; Slice! and Collins
had fun nights at Good People Brewing
went to Art Crawl a good bit
went to Starkville, Mississippi for Bid Day
became partners in crime with Mylee
and SO so much more.

We have really had a whole lot of fun and made lots of memories. 
My whole family is so attached to this sweet girl. Its going to be a hard couple of weeks.
Gypsy leaves on a plane super early tomorrow morning. Please say a prayer for her travel, as well as for me.

At least I do know I will get to see her again in January and February!!

I guess thats all for today. I am off to get Gyp Gyps stuff together for her trip. 

Aloha nui loa Friends

November 14, 2014

Friday I love....

1."True friends stab you in the front." - Oscar Wilde
2. This site that supports hard working artists! 
3. Danielle La Porte and her tiny little nuggets of truth!
4. She also makes you want to P L A N
5. HERE is the link straight to her INSPIRING SITE! Check it out :)
6. The lifelong friendships of sweet animals
7. Because everyone loves a good ole sandwich!
8. Pixels are a huge part of your life.
9. Now I lay Me Down To Sleep

Well friends! Thats my list for this week. I am SO happy to be back and get back to my weekly posts. Thanks for reading!

Bye now

November 13, 2014



Here is the newest addition to my ibB Fasion Kid Collection.
This is Tralyn. She lives next door to my parents and she is the funniest and smartest little kiddo I know. I just love her.

More coming soon


Hey hey
I wanted to share this site I discovered and I am pretty much in L O V E with it.
It's called BucketFeet.

Its an amazing shoe store online who supports artist by putting their designs right on their shoes, as well as sales them by prints. I will be uploading submissions to the site!!! I'm so excited and we will see how it goes. I have a pretty good feeling its going to be a good thing. 

So, in honor of this A W E S O M E site, here are a few favorites from their site!

Pretty cool right?!? 
I am in LOVE with these four pairs.

If any of my designs end up on the site, I will be sure to let you know so you can support an artist that you actually know :)

Stop by BucketFeet and check them out. There are SO many items on there that would make wonderful Christmas gifts.

Thanks for stopping by!