July 7, 2016


Hi Hi Hi!!
So I am totally ashamed that it has taken me an entire week to write this post. But in all fairness, I've been walking in this crazy fantasy cloud since it happened and we've already been in a whirlwind of planning.

So last Thursday started like any other day. The early morning 5 am drive to Aaron's to see him before he heads in to work. He acted the same as always...Sleepy and always sweet. The doggies and I sent him off to work as always, then I cuddled on the couch with the pups for a minute before heading off to the gym and to walmart!

Friday was Aarons Birthday, so on Thursday when he text me and said his whole office was going to lunch together, I didn't think anything of it. They will come to Jimmy Johns every once in a while and Aaron will stop by to see me. It always makes my day!! SO, again, I didn't think anything of it! I was excited because I thought I was actually going to get to meet all of the people he works with. 

So after the gym, I came home, got dressed for work hopped in my JEEP :) and headed downtown. I worked the morning away. The time flew by and before I knew it Aaron was texting me saying that he didn't have much time for lunch so to hurry outside! So, naturally I shot up out of desk, grabbed my purse and headed out the door. 

When I got to the bottom of the studio stairs, I opened the door and to my surprise my handsome man was standing at the door with the most gorgeous smile on his face. He grabbed my hand and started saying something...I didn't hear a thing he said. I just saw his mouth moving. Hahahaha! 
And then I asked him what he said...He said something about being nervous. And then he said some other stuff. Happiest Man. Love of his life. Something else...It was all running together and I was so overwhelmed I honestly couldn't even comprehend what was happening! Then he got down on one knee and had the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! He then asked me if I would marry him and I so happily said YES! 

I am still so shocked that I wasn't bawling my eyes out. When things like that happen it takes me a little bit to process it all. I think its my overthinking habits that get in the way! But either way, that was the best day of my life and that was only the start of it! 

We did in fact eat Jimmy Johns afterwards. But I was just so shocked and in awe that I get to marry the most incredible human being on the planet that I had no appetite at all to eat. I was in my own little love bubble with Aaron just floating around. After lunch it was time to get back to work. We had a shoot that afternoon and it took every ounce of concentration I had to even make it through the rest of that work day. All I wanted to do was see my HANDSOME man! 

My Ring is SO PERFECT for me. It's everything and so much more than I ever imagined it would be, just like the man I get to marry!!

After work, we were supposed to be going over to my aunt and uncles house to celebrate my nanny's birthday! So when I got off, Aaron met me there and I rode with him! The whole drive we just talked about how everything had happened that day and how he just knew that now was the right time:) and he's right! It was the PERFECT time! So as I got out of the car at my aunts house, I hear this sweet sweet song about marriage playing out from there house and as I walked up to the sidewalk, it was lined with rose petals and candles. SO PRETTY! I quickly realized when I opened the door that this was indeed not a party for my nanny for Aaron and I! And of course he knew and had planned the whole thing. I was so SO excited to see all of my family there to celebrate us. When I looked around the room and saw my best friend who drove from Huntsville standing there, that's when I lost all control of my tears! It meant the world to me all the hard work and how perfect my auntie, uncle, mom, dad, and the girls made that party for us and to see all the people I love most there for me on such a special day!!! 

We just had such a fun time celebrating. We watched the video of the proposal happening and it was SO sweet. I can't wait to watch it again! 

I have TONS of photos from the engagement party, but for some reason the disk they were on, isn't working properly, SO I will post those in a separate post all on their own! There will be LOADS of them!!

So now its time for some WEDDING PLANNING! I feel like we have already dove head first in and its going to be a fun ride along the way :)

Thank you to everyone who made that day so special to me. But most of all thank you Aaron for choosing me every single day and loving me on all of those days good or bad. You are my person and I am SO thankful that God put us together. I can't wait to be your wife and to see what crazy adventures are ahead of us! LOVE YOU!!

I hope you all enjoyed my proposal story! I wouldn't have changed one single thing about it. Aaron did SO good and totally caught me completely off guard. I had no idea that was going to happen that day. I literally just thought we were going to Jimmy Johns!

Stay tuned for Engagement Party Photos!
Bye Now

June 29, 2016

The Best Year of my Life.

The past 365 (now 366) days have been incredible!
I had no idea when I was on my way to meet Aaron for the first time that he would impact my life in such an amazing way.
He's so SO good to me and I am so thankful for him.
We've had so many fun and random adventures within a years time and I can't wait to see where the next few years take us! 

How'd we celebrate? Glad you asked ;)  We celebrated with a little relaxation at the nail salon with Mani and Pedis and then we had an amazing dinner at The Little Donkey in Homewood. I had never been there and I think I may have found a new fave!! 

Their Guacamole and Queso were incredible ;) I also had some soup and Aaron had two tacos. If you haven't tried it, you definitely should go!!

And that my friends is how we celebrated our day <3 Wonderfully & so simple. 
FRIDAY is the man's {THIRTY-FIRST} birthday so we will be celebrating again. He gets so aggravated at me. I LOVE to celebrate things...okay not just things, literally EVERYTHING! 

Oh and funny quick story. Last year on Aaron's birthday, I went then entire day without telling him Happy Birthday. I had no idea it was his birthday. I also hadn't gotten on Facebook all day to see that it was his BD. So at about 11:30 or so I was at my friend Melissa's house. I got on FB and then saw it was his Birthday. We had text all day long and I had no idea! He swears that he told me. But I swear that he didn't! God I felt so terrible...He still rags me about it sometimes. 

So, the month of June for my entire life has been jam packed with celebrations. My entire families birthday is in the month of June as well as Father's day and some anniversaries. During dinner last night Aaron asked if I would consider consolidating some of our June celebrations. Excuse me... What??? I considered...carefully thought it out and here's what I came up with. 

So this past June, we celebrated the day we met. It was a life-changing day for me. Literally since the day I met Aaron, he impacted my life in such a positive and amazing way. The day I met him is a day that I will never forget!! So yeah, I wanted to celebrate it :) We also celebrated my 28th Birthday with a very nice dinner as well and took a beach trip. We got back Sunday and yesterday we celebrated our one year...and then Friday we celebrate his Birthday. So, in all fairness, I do understand what his concerns were. That's lot of money spent in the month of June...a LOT! So after thinking, I realized wait wait wait... The day we met, you only celebrate that once. I mean I will secretly celebrate it somehow from now on. So that's one celebration gone and our one year will be replaced by our wedding date one day, and I know for a fact I do not want to get married in the month of June so that's two June celebrations that we had this year off of the list! So my final answer was NO, we can't consolidate. I got rid of two!  Plus, our birthdays are two weeks apart, which means a pay period apart, right? Haha

Who agrees? Do any of you do any celebration consolidation? If so, how and why?
Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with us!
Bye now

June 12, 2016

Early Birthday Celebration

Hope you all have had an amazing Sunday so far! This weekend has been totally awesome but it needs to slow down. Why do they have to go by so fast?

ONE week from today I will be in F L O R I D A with some of my absolute favorite people!
Also, I get to see my friend Whitney who I for real can't wait to see.

Do you have any summer vacation plans? Share away!

Yesterday, my friends had me a fun little early birthday afternoon out at Oak Mountain State Park. We spent the afternoon grilling out. Then they surprised me with cake and SMORES! 
We got chased out of the park by a nasty storm, so we ended up making our s'mores at my friend Mel B's house. Still fun!!

I seriously have some great friends. I was so surprised. I just thought we were going to grill out for a bit. But of course they made it extra special.

Thank you so much Melissa & Chris for being such great friends to me! It's crazy how life works. When I walked into my first job out of college, I never for a second thought I would meet friends that would seriously be by my side through so many transitions in life. I am so thankful for the people who are in my life. It's because of you that I continuously want to push myself and be the best version of me that I can be!!

Bye for now

June 1, 2016

Birthday Month!

It's my birthday month y'all and a lot of other goodness happens in JUNE!
This is going to be a fun fun month my friends.
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Beach Trips and lots more!

Thats all for now

May 26, 2016

5 Must Have Little Black Dresses

Hi loves!! The long weekend is almost here and good heavens I am SO excited!!
Aaron and I were supposed to be going to Georgia, BUT plans have changed. So looks like it will be a fun filled weekend in the ham. 
{famers market • dog parks • church • pool day • gym gym gym}
 I can't tell you how excited I am for Monday.

We are just going to the pool all day :) We may grill or something! 

Anyway, on to the real post!
I wanted to share with you my TOP 5 Must Have Little Black Dresses. 
Seriously...a M U S T
The comfy cute t-shirt style dress. I would wear these every single day if I could. It's almost like staying in your pjs all day! 

Black with a little pop of color is always a must! The little details of color add so much character!

The skater style dress is necessary to draw attention to your waist area! I love love love these types of dresses because they usually hide my big booty! Hahaha

And these body con dresses tend to do the opposite...accentuate my big booty. I love these! I love how they show off women's curves! <3 and we all know I love anything and everything striped!

And last but not least a floor length dress that is flowy and airy! I love the cutout details of this dress.
All of these pieces are from a company called SheIn! 

Check out SheIn.com the prices are really great too and yes this is a legit company.
I'm about to start shopping for the beach. I am ecstatic for this trip for several reasons. The main one being that this is Aaron's first time to go with us and also my Auntie Stacie and Uncle Brian are going and they know how to have some real fun! EEEK! So, I will beed to be looking CUTE!

Bye for now

May 20, 2016

Fake Companies?

Hi Loves!!

I was just web browsing while working down my first cup of coffee for this morning. This is what I do while I attempt to wake up and become mentally ready for the gym! It really does help LOADS when I see all of these amazing pieces of clothing/swimwear. Its such a motivator thinking, MAN I want to look GOOD in that. 

So I come across this site called Zaful. And Hello, look up there! There are some STUNNING options and that just on the first page. Not only that, the prices are incredibly low. So I'm looking and then I start thinking, this has just got to be too good to be true! My little fashion loving heart is jumping around like its on some sort of high, only to be crushed immediately.

So then I look up reviews for this website and of course all of them are terrible. Most of the reviews people say after months their purchases never even arrived. And when they tried to contact Customer Service...nothing. They couldn't get anyone. 

For real? How to companies like this get away with this? Have any of you ever had an experience like this with a random online company? I want these swimsuits...like BAD. They are incredible. 
If anyone knows an actual legit site where I can buy something similar, do share!

That is all for today. Oh one last thing, I am SO excited for the weekend!!

Bye now

May 15, 2016

Atlanta Trip

Happy Sunday Friends! 
I am currently sitting on the couch doing everything I can to keep my eyes open long enough to finish this post. I've had a very fun, yet exhausting weekend! Here are some photos from mine and Aaron's fun Saturday in Georgia.

First stop in Atlanta, The World of Coke
Gosh, this place never gets old for me and that darn movie at the beginning makes me bawl my eyes out every single time. 

We had such a blast in the Tasting Room! I think it should totally be required that you leave with a stomach ache from all of the sugar intake. Aarons favorite was Ginger Beer haha! My favorite will always be Coke Zero! Mmmmm! OH something I didn't know is that Coca Cola makes my favorite Coconut Water!

I love this man so much. He's seriously the best! It doesn't matter what we are doing, he finds some way to make it fun and memorable!

After the WOC we went to the aquarium and spent the rest of the afternoon there. The fish are so pretty but sometimes I would get sad because of how large they are in such small tanks.

I would definitely suggest going to The World of Coke if you are ever in Atlanta! It is the best!!
We had gone to Georgia to visit some of Aaron's family, but unfortunately they had someone they were close to pass away. So we ended up just making it a quick trip! So our family trip is rescheduled for Labor Day weekend and I can NOT wait!! It's going to be so much fun!

Well friends, I am off to bed!! Why do the weekends have to go by so fast?
Bye now