December 19, 2014


Hey Hey Hey!

Today is going to be wonderful :)
I am ecstatic that I get to see this dreamboat today!
YAHOOOOO. Long awaited.

SO, I've been thinking about the new year...not resolutions. Just what I want to focus on. Do you write out a focus for the year or do you write out goals??
In 2015, I really want to focus on the things I already do, and really become better. Last weekend during my Bodyflow Training, every time someone would instruct we had to tell them their strengths and something they could work on to improve. Jen said that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. And that is something that totally runs in my blood. As an artist, we are our toughest critic, and will always see where we can improve. Its one of those things that seems to be a blessing and a curse at the same time. It's great because the perfectionism is what drives you to always want improvement. When I was working towards my art degree it was a hard road for anyone to receive an "A" because like I said artists A L W A Y S see room for improvement.

So I say all of this to say this, challenge yourself in the new year. Take O N E thing that you know could use improvement. It doesn't have to be a craft, it could be a a self-worthing thing, it could be a character thing, it could be the way you handle relationships, it could be really any thing. Focus on it and get better at, be a better person for it. 

I know there is a WHOLE lot of GOOD going on in the world. Heck, my sweet baby seester is all the way in Romania RIGHT NOW making a HUGE difference in the lives of sweet children. but when I think back over 2014, I really see a year full of, well, honestly a whole lot of negative. It seems like every time I pass the television, there is some bad/sad/depressing news on and it only seems to get worse. All of the hate in this world, all of the protests, all of the murders is sickening. {I realize that a lot of the news simply focuses on negative because thats what gets ratings up!} But really, what if everyone focused on one negative thing in their life and worked on turning that negative into a positive. Do you think it would contribute to the whole world as a whole? I do!! Lets make a positive difference friends!!

Bye for now,

December 18, 2014

Happy 26th

Today is a very special little ladies TWENTY SIXTH Birthday!
Lyssa Lou....or you can call her Alyssa.
This girl and I have been so close since birth. I am only 6 months older than her, so since we are so close in age, we have always been SO close!

I have TONS more photos with her BUT....My hair is BLONDE in all of them and its big and very southern. So...Ill leave those off for today haha!

We have so many awesome memories together. Some of my favorites are our matching bright bright bright green fishy bathing suites when we were t i n y, our matching Fleece Old Navy Suits, Sneaking on the phone and hearing that we are indeed getting NSYNC tickets for Christmas, finding and burying that dead frozen kitty cat, walking past the volleyball net to talk to boys at the beach and then getting caught, Senior beach trips, and my absolute favorite to the date, being your main gal and next to you on your wedding day!!! So now I'm ready to add many many more!

I hope your Birthday is fantastic!!!!
I love you.


December 16, 2014

Top Two: Gifts that Give Back

Hi Hi!!!
Its time for my Top Two this week
Since its still the Holiday Season, we are still sticking with the GIFTS, TRADITIONS, RECIPES, etc for the Top Two Picks. 

This week, its all about Gifts that Give Back to another cause!
Seventy is one of my all time favorite sites, and I purchase from the all throughout the year. 
You can read all about what they do, Here!

So here we go!
Here are my Top Two Picks for this week.
OH MAN... They have it in a Vneck
The campaign going on right now on their site gives back to Operation Christmas Child with is an organization that my church has helped raise for my whole life!!
This shirt is an amazing reminder. Really, if we all loved each other, and treated one another how we would like to be treated then we would live in a much better society.
I know its easier said than done, but it is possible, and the more your practice loving others, the easier it becomes. Just Love People!!!


Really! If you haven't ever checked out Sevenly, do so NOW :)
What they do is amazing and I absolutely LOVE it!

Those are my TOP TWO for the week. 
What are your Top Two for the week??!

Bye now 

December 15, 2014

I can't believe it...

Hey Hey!!!

Guess WHAT!
This weekend I F I N A L L Y {after probably more than 3 years of wanting to do so} got certified to teach BodyFlow! I am SOOO incredibly excited.

It was so awesome to see the changes that I made over the weekend fine tuning my poses. It amazed me how the smallest adjustments just intensified everything.
My trainer was INCREDIBLE and so soooo inspiring! Her passion for what she does just overflows and you can't help but want to soak up all of her overflow! Gee she was awesome!

I cannot wait to instruct my first class! wooohoooo!
Alright I am off to catch up on work!

Bye now

December 12, 2014

Discouragement turned to Courage!

Hey Hey!!!

Today, I feel the need to share a few thoughts that I have been having. I am sharing partly because maybe this will encourage someone else, also because for me writing how I am feeling helps me think things through and understand things a little better. It's the best way for me to gather my thoughts and get back to the clear vision of the path that I am on! I'm just going to be a little transparent in this post, so I hope that from this someone else will be encouraged. 

This week for me has been a roller coster of emotions. Monday was full of crying. Tuesday and Wednesday was full of hard work and happiness. Thursday was also full of hard work, and then huge frustration and ended in huge disappointment. Friday, I am determined to be a day of simply being thankful for this life I have, the creativity I have, and the opportunities that have been given to me. I know that everyone has weeks like this. Heck, some people have years upon years like this. But, these past few weeks I have been so discouraged with building my business. I knew this would be a hard endeavor but I never knew how hard. It's definitely not for the Faint of Heart. 

If you don't know exactly what I do, please let me explain that really quickly. In a nut shell, I am a graphic designer. But, to be specific, I work with photographers retouching their images as well as do design work here and there! I love what I do and really take pride in my work. I have learned very quickly these past few months that like most artists, all photographers are drastically different in their style and how they like things done. I knew this from the beginning and decided it was something that I can handle. I'm learning! And this is where the discouragement comes. If you know me, you know I am a little bit of a perfectionist. So when someone isn't just over-the-moon crazy about my work, that hurts my pride a little bit and I immediately want to fix it and get them exactly what they want. To a perfectionist, really this is a shot in the gut and is a hard pill to swallow...not sometimes, but every single time. 

How I handle the discouragement can really take a tole on me taking risks that could have really rewarding benefit. If I am being honest, my biggest fear is failure and having a few rejections can quickly make you feel like you're directly on the path to failure. Although this is tough for my perfectionism, I am learning that discouragement isn't just there to get me down. Its an opportunity to grow and to actually practice being courageous! Being courageous, hard working and using the skills the God has given me will have a much more rewarding impact on my life than fear of failure and rejection will have. 

It's so important for me as an artist to simply remember that I AM AN ARTIST. Everyone see's differently. Everyone works differently, but that doesn't make me any less of an artist. I have learned to take the opportunity of discouragement and use it to my advantage to count it as a learning experience and chance to build my courage and determination!! If you're reading this and feeling like you're reading your life story, please know you aren't alone! Love yourself enough to believe whole heartedly in what God has called you to do and trust in the gifts that he has given you!

Happy Friday Dear Friend!

December 9, 2014

TOP TWO: Holiday Traditions

Helllllooooo Dear!
Happy Tuesday. You guys, My monday was FANTASTIC! I got to spend time with my BEST FRIEND. She was in town at UAB. Thank the Good Lord everything went fantastic with all of that. But I was SO excited to spend good time with Frances and see the rest of the crew. 

I love those people SOOOOO much and miss being able to see Francelina Mae any time I want. 

Anywhoooooo It is T U E S D A Y
which means its time for a little Top Two sharing. 

This weeks TT is all about the traditions.
So here we GO.

Absolutely without a DOUBT this is number ONE.
Christmas Stockings.
This is seriously one of mine and my brothers favorite things on Christmas Morning.
Mom gets the B E S T stocking stuffers EVER.
We open these last every year.
Can't wait <3

Matching Pajamas on Christmas Eve with my Seesters!
Auntie gets us a matching pair every year and I always LOVE what she picks out.
Gee how we all have changed over the last few years. 
But what never changes is the bond that the four of us have.
These girls mean the world to me and will always be my sisters at heart.
Christmas Eve with them is always the BEST. 
So thank you Auntie Stacey for making a tradition that definitely by FAR is one of my favorites every single year!

So friends, those are my Top Two Holiday Traditions!
Join in on the fun and share yours.

Bye for now,

December 6, 2014

Let's Go Blues!!

Hi There!
First of all, Happy Saturday.

This week has been Busy and FUN.

Thursday night, Raegy and drove to see her St. Louis Blues play against the Nashville Preds. It was an A W E S O M E game. Unfortunately the Blues lost by 1. It was still WAY too much fun. We were sitting on the Ice and it was COLD. I can't believe Raeghan is 21. Where the heck does time go??!

I love going to Nashville. Its always so lively. Raeghan had just as much fun as I did. We had dinner at Merchants. Im not sure why but I just love that place! I think its simply because everything is Black & White!!! Dinner was great and our server was awesome! We basically just people watched for the rest of the night after the game.

Friday morning I got up early to go run for a bit while Raeghan studied for Math. BOO on that one! After she finished studying, we headed out, stopping for coffee of course! We stopped at The Well. This place gives money to build water Wells in Africa. So YES we loved supporting that! Here are a few photos of this fantastic business that I will be sure to stop by every time I make it to Nash.

See how amazing the interior is?!? 
The trip was short but so fun!!!

I love you so so very much!

Bye now