October 6, 2015

Weekend Catchup

Hi!!! First of all, H A P P Y  M O N D A Y ! !
I hope it goes great for you. 

My weekend was so much fun.
Friday we relaxed. Saturday I went to the Humane Society, grilled out with Aaron and Steven, Went to the mall with Melissa B and to the Greek Festival. Talk about cramming into one day!!!

Sunday was even more crammed! Aaron and I went to church, went to the pumpkin patch with the entire family and then went to a grill out at my uncle and aunties house. 
The entire day was a blast!!!

Here are some photos.


Bye for now

September 28, 2015

Weekend List #8

Hello there!
Was anyone else's weekend WAY too short?
Mine was and I already can't wait until this coming weekend. I hate wishing my life away, but weekends are just so dang fun....that is, when work isn't involved in anyway!
This weekend I REALLY REALLY need/want to have a yard sale. I have so much crap that I just need to get rid of. SOOOOO many clothes, nice clothes, that I simple just don't wear. Any tips on pulling off an awesome yard sale on a quick notice?
Anywho, here's my fun Weekend I Love List! Enjoy :)

1. Let's Talk
2. Kardashian's anyone?
3. Laura Croft never ages :)
4. Telling Secrets
5. Quickie Dinner
6. Sell out of Starve?
7. Fly somewhere cheaper
8. Millennial's and their food

Well those are the things I thought were worth sharing this week :) Hope you enjoyed!!!

September 21, 2015

Weekend FUN

Hi Friends
It was a fun fun weekend!!

This was my last illustration of summer time.  **sigh** you all know I love the warm weather and sunshine. BUT I also love boots and scarves so I'm okay with fall weather. Winter....not so much, at all. 

I've been doing these commissioned illustrations for people. They are really loving them for Christmas gifts. I am having a blast creating them :) Please contact me if you're interested.

Here are a few photos from the weekend

Saturday I went to the Farmers Market with Aaron and Bucky. 
It was super crowded as usual and I love it. I spend most of the time petting and obsessing over animals there. 

Love my Satruday's with those two!
Oh we also went to Karaoke with my Heather! It was so funny :)

Yesterday I worked and then went to Trucks by the Tracks at Railroad Park. We walked and ate and also visited Good People on the way out.

Today I have the day off...WOOOOOHOOOOOO so today so far has included breakfast with Aaron and Bucky, playing my Ukulele <3, Aaron made us some fresh juice....and the rest of the day will include a pedicure, whole foods, teaching Body Flow, Dinner with Mel B and Christmas, and then Mad Max!

So a fun filled off day!!!

Be back soon

September 14, 2015

I love list #7

Hi hi!!
So my weekend list is a day late. Sorry friends. Better late than never right?
Here's the list!!

1. Sriracha anyone?
2. Overwhelmed by Netflix options?
3. Banksy around the world.
5. Japan...You are my DREAM
7. Menstrual History, Ladies...This is pretty interesting  :)
8. How do you learn best??
9. I just want a kitty cat.

Well friends, that's my list for last week!!
What's worth sharing that you've come across this week?
Bye now

September 6, 2015

I love List #6

Hi hi!!!

So it's that time of the week again. A chance for me to share a few things that I have stumbled across this week that I thought was worth sharing with you, my lovely readers!

So here you go...
3. Tie-die always makes me miss my Best Friend William
4. A shift dress is always a good choice
5. Stunning Metalwork
7. Playing with Shadows
8. Fall CHILL is in the air!!

This week consisted of a ton of art or things that are truly inspiring. I love living the creative life and I love and do not take for granted my gift as an artist. I have been feeling so inspired lately and really feeling like I am out of my non-creative rut.

So here's to CREATING friends.
I hope you enjoy this weeks links. 
Share with me things you've come across this week!!!


August 30, 2015

I Love List #5

Well hi there friends!

This weekend has been A W E S O M E but I will have to share about that in another post. 
This weeks "I LOVE LIST" is so great, I just can't wait to share it any longer.
So here it is...Hot & Fresh for ya ;)

1. Men & their animals melt my heart, but THIS is just too too precious.
2. Is it fall yet? How about FALL inspired S'mores?
3. Illustrations & Zombies, two of my favorite things!
4. Compromise is KEY.
5. For the ones who didn't get married at ages 18 to 27.
6. I love handwriting
8. Get your butt in gear and #GETTOWORK
10. I'm all about saving money.

Well there you have it... My weekly list of things I thought were worth sharing!
Bye for now!

August 23, 2015

I Love List #4

Hi there!
It's that time of the week again...which is actually my favorite. 
It's time for my LOVE LIST from this week.
Here are a few of them. 

1. Late much?
2. Adult life skills to conquer in the next three years.
3. Coconut, Vanilla & Almond Butter...Yes, Please!!
5. Free Thinkers

I have many many more and will continue to add them!