November 23, 2015

Doggie Love

Hi There!!!
Yesterday I took photos of a friend. We went to a park near the Highland area in Bham.
Jackie brought her dogs with her, but then decided that it would just be easier without the dogs, so while she took them back to her apartment, Aaron and I just waited at the park, people watching. While we waited we see this man coming down the street with this GIGANTIC black dog and a mid sized white dog. Both dogs were as fluffy as fluffy gets. So of course, being the dog lovers that we are, we HAD to stop him. The black dog was seriously HUGE. Like taller than me when he stands up. It was incredible. 

So it turns out the dog was a Black Russian Terrior. 
Really just a giant sweet precious thing. It was only one year old. I wanted to just sink my face into him and cuddle the rest of the day away. His name was Oscar and I'm in L O V E with this breed. I want one soooo much. The other white dog he had was a Wheaten Terrior so it was also a super adorable dog.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this new love I have. Hopefully one day Aaron and I can get one of these sweet precious lovable dogs so buck can have a brother!

I hope you have a fantastic Monday!

November 14, 2015


I still have a heavy heart today after watching all of the hatred in this world. 
 You may think I'm ignorant for this, but I have a confession to make. I don't watch the news. I don't keep up with politics. I hardly ever know what is going on in the world, simply for the fact that its all twisted and disheartening. It honestly makes me feel like I start to live my life in fear. Which is not the way I want to live my life everyday. There is good that goes on in the world, however its overlooked and washed out by the loads of negativity, hatred and evil. I do feel like I should be more knowledgeable sometimes, but the truth is that I feel like all it does for me is builds up fear, builds up walls and makes me stereotype others and truly stands in the way of love.

I was made to love. Simple as that. If I'm constantly living in fear, judging and stereotyping how am I supposed to live my life in love. I'm not saying this is how everyone should live, this is just for me.  BUT what I am saying is that people have no idea how rewarding it is to live a life of love. To simply love people and show love to others rather than hate. The love you give to others is returned to you in such a greater volume that its overwhelming at times. We were made to L O V E, to be rooted and grounded in absolute pure, whole LOVE.  I wish people could grasp that and see how it changes their life, the peoples lives around them, and this entire world.

My heart is heavy for Paris and everyone who lost a loved one, a friend, a companion. Its so heartbreaking. SHOW LOVE PEOPLE. You never know what the person you come in contact with is going through.

Bye for now,

November 10, 2015

Can time slow down?

Hi Friends!!
I got a new planner a few days ago. It's super pretty and looks like watercolor flowers. 
I was at Barnes & Noble and had two planners in my hand. The one you see below, and a turquoise one with a Damask sort of print on it. I'm the most indecisive human being on the planet, so I asked Aaron for help on choosing. He responded with, "The turquoise one is nice...., but you should get that Watercolor looking one." It put the biggest smile on my face simply because he said watercolor and it was the correct term. Made my little artist heart so happy!!!

Today I spent a little bit of time adding important things to my cute little planner and for some reason I got this really sad feeling. Days are just flying by. I dread the holidays coming and going so quickly. I feel like we are just so insanely busy during this time of year, that we just forget how to enjoy it and really remember what its all about. 

These next few months I want to come to a screeching halt. I don't want them to zoom by. I want to make every memory I can and make time pass slowly. And the only way I've figure out how to do that is to be wholeheartedly and completely in each moment, being completely present in the now.  

So, with that being said, who wants to join me in making sure that we enjoy this time of year....and I mean really enjoy it. Be completely in the moments that you're put in. Don't spend your holidays with close family and friends, and halfheartedly being there with your mind a million miles away on all of the things you should be doing. We all have lists of things we need/could/should do. But actually BE THERE, body & mind!! You might be missing out on things that might not be there the following year. Embrace the holidays, embrace every single moment of it, embrace the people you love most, and don't give them half of your attention. Give them all of it and most of all ENJOY doing it!

Please please please slow down. 
then can we just skip over the end of January and go straight to June. 

Thanks for stopping by, 

November 6, 2015

Weekend List #9

Who is excited? This Lady. I'm freaking ecstatic its the weekend. 
 I'm ready to spend time with my sweet guys {Mr. Aaron Evans & Baby Bucky Ruspin}. This is the first weekend in months and months and months that I haven't had a jam-packed weekend and I honestly can't tell you how excited I am about that. Who knows what could come of this "No-plan" sort of weekend. Maybe Magical MAGICAL things....only time will tell. 

Here's my list of things worth sharing this week.

1. Holiday Gift Guide + Men's Fashion = Jack Spade Obsession 
10. The Psychology of Color

So those are the links I thought were worth sharing this week!
I hope you found some of them interesting. 
What have you discovered this week?

Thanks for stopping by. I am ecstatic about my plan free weekend.

November 3, 2015

Food. Halloween. and Fun

HI There!!
So as always, the weekend went by way too fast.
I wasn't in the least ready for Monday, but it actually ended up going by really fast. I also got a wonderful surprise visit at work from Aaron & Bucky which completely made my entire day!!

The past few Sunday's Aaron, Steven & I have started doing something thats really a lot of fun. Obviously, its The Walking Dead day. So, we make a day out of it. 
There is this page on facebook called Tasty. They post little videos of super creative recipes, so we've started trying out a few of them.

This week we tried some sort of Pizza Rolls! They were good, just a LOT of breading, so next time we make them we will A: add more spice and B: use less bread!!
But, overall they were good :) Our pizza's were pepperoni and Turkey Sausage!
The Turkey Sausage were by far my favorite....Oh mine were also made with fake cheese, since I don't do dairy.

Here are a few photos!!

This is some Butternut Squash Soup that Steven made! It was super delicious and nothing like any I've ever had. Most BNS Soups are super sweet. This wasn't overly sweet at all. 

Aaron brought us back some wine from Spain. It was incredible! He didn't like it so much, but to me it tasted so much like Six Grapes which is my all time favorite from the Wine Loft downtown. 


Oh Halloween I had to work. So, I dressed as a giraffe. For work I just did my giraffe makeup and wore a cute little black dress with Camel color wedges.

After work I came to see my man <3
and we got ready to go visit my parents.  Unfortunately for most, the rain on Halloween completely ruined the feel. It made me sleepy, grumpy and I just wanted to be cuddled up watching a movie or something.

I did love being dressed up with my Monkey ;) We had fun, rain or not. We were all just slightly bummed about the weather. 

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Halloween!!!
I loved seeing everyones costumes. It's so much fun dressing up and I really had a blast doing my makeup and taking the time to be creative. 


October 24, 2015

A Man That Cooks

Hello dear friends!!!
I hope your Saturday was awesome.
Mine was GOOOOOD
I'll share my Mississippi adventure in another post.

On to another subject that I meant to post earlier this week.
I'm not sure if I've ever told any of you this but, my man can 
 And I don't mean like, he can make a grilled cheese. I mean he makes amazingly delicious food. See below....

Turkey Stuffed Peppers, Baked Sweet Potato Chips and Grilled Green Beans.
Mmmmmmmmmm <3
One thing I love about Aaron is that he eats really healthy for the most part. So it's really easy for us to cook together, because we always like the same kinds of foods.

The first thing Aaron ever cooked for me was Baked Fish with a giant side of Sauteed Spinach. His spinach is incredible. Every time I eat it, it's like there isn't enough on my plate, I always want more! The best part about his cooking is that he isn't afraid at all of using spices. He makes all of my food spicy because he knows my love for spicy foods.

Anyway, so I really just wanted to take a few minutes to show you all what an awesome chef my guy is. You're the best Aaron!

Bye for now friends

October 19, 2015

New ibB on its way!!!

Hi Friends!!!

Did anyone else's weekend go by way too fast?? Mine did. I always feel like it does, but it does make you feel better to know you aren't alone. 

Here's a little run down of my weekend...Friday night was spent at the gym with my handsome guy :) Saturday I got to see my best friend!!!! Aaron and I went to Huntsville super early on Saturday to hangout with Brent & Frances to celebrate Brent's big turn to 3-0! Wooo THIRTY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT. Today, Sunday, my favorite day of the week was perfect. Aaron and I went to church, had lunch with the family to celebrate my granddad's birthday. Then we went to the gym, took a trip to whole foods (Sunday Ritual) had dinner sitting in the floor and watched the Walking Dead!! Honestly, can't beat this kind of Sunday with the most handsome guy.

Tonight, I've been working on my little space here. I'm sure you all have noticed, my blog posts have been few and far between for a while now. When I first started ibB, I was blogging every single day. Now, its so hard to find the time. Back then, I was a college student, so I had plenty of time to blog between classes. If you know me, you know I'm super tough on myself and I have been really beating myself up over my lack of inspiration and consistency. I miss my blog. I miss enjoying the process. I miss having the time to enjoy the process. So, tonight I've been working on a new blog schedule. One that will be consistent and planned out. I've realized that Hawaii spoiled me and that's where the lack of inspiration started. Since Hawaii was so easy to blog about it has made it hard to blog now that I'm back to Birmingham. It isn't that birmingham is boring, it's simply that Hawaii is just that incredible. Anyway, enough about that....I just wanted you all to know that ibB is about to start fresh and be back to its consistent fun posts.

I've really been down about how I've been half-hearted here on ibB. This place has been like my little journal for the past seven or eight years, and this past year, I completely abandoned it. So, I want to fix it! ASAP!!!

So here's to a new kindled fire in my life of blogging. I hope you all can forgive me and thanks to all of you have continued to read my little space here, even when I wasn't giving it my all. You guys are awesome!!!

I hope your week starts out amazing. Bye for now