January 6, 2015

Top Two and HAWAII

Hey there!!
It's already January 6th? Where is January going?
Its' the first TOP TWO of 2015
and this week its all about GOALS for this year
So here you go... TOP TWO TIME!

 Worry Less. Smile More. Don't Regret. Just Learn. And GROW.
I know I have a really awesome and blessed life but sometimes we are all guilty of taking the life we have for Granted. I want to make the most out of what I have been given. I want to dive into ever single opportunity head first without questioning, without over thinking, and without freaking doubting myself. 

Be a complete SPONGE the entire year. 
I want to learn. I want to grow. I want to become a better me. I want to go places. I want to move places. I want to BE the person that God has called me to be. 
I want to BE where God wants me to be. 

So with that I come to this....
I leave in NINE days on the 15th of January for a month long adventure. Its an opportunity that if God wouldnt have been there to open doors, I wouldnt have the opportunity to see the things I am going to see. 
I will be in both Maui and Oahu for both fun as well as business. 
I am SO thankful to be able to go. However, I am concerned though because I as well as my whole family have always known that God gave me the heart to GO. He didnt create me with the desire to be a hometown girl who is comfortable with staying in the same town that she grew up in. He gave me an adventurous heart and I am so glad that he did. With that being said, I am worried that going to Hawaii will change my whole life. You know what drives me crazy about life....the NOT knowing. I like to know whats ahead, I like to have a plan, I like to stick to the plan. But I have always known and said that God's plan is always far better than our own and is usually a plan that we cant even comprehend. While I am in hawaii, I want to figure out and know exactly the reason that God has me there for a month. I want him to use me for exactly that reason. I hope my talents are used. I hope he uses me to take a stressful load off of someone. I just don't want to be there to be there....I want to be there to make a difference for someone, whatever that difference is. 
I want this trip to completely transform my life because its a once in a lifetime chance for me. AHHH I can't wait!

Happy Tuesday friends!
I hope its a beautiful one.

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