January 5, 2015

The Start to 2 0 1 5

Hi! I know I know....I've totally been out of the little blog world for nearly a week.
So, as I told you in the last post, Harry surprised me and came to Birmingham early which was super awesome!

On New Years Eve we went to Frannie & Brent's house. F I N A L L Y my best friend got to meet Harry. Good lordy, I can't believe she is just now meeting him!!! And like most people....I think both her and Brent loved him!

So here are photos from the start of the NEW YEAR. And it's off to a wonderful start and I know it will only get better with every single day.

Here's a recap of the last week....
Wednesday night we welcomed in 2015 with the bestie and some other fun couples. 
We stayed in Madison at the Ledgewoods {I just love writing that..."The Ledgewoods} and basically slept almost the whole day. 
I think Harry and I finally left their house around 1ish or so and we were starvinggggg SO the first order of business was F O O D and someone {not me} wanted Pizza. 
We had lunch at Pie in the Sky and I have to say, I dont know if I was just super hungry or if it really was just great food. Either way it was good and our server was a sweet girl. After food, we went to Bridgestreet to the Monaco and saw Horrible Bosses 2. Ummmm I laughed pretty hard through the whole movie. I have been to the Monaco before but our movie was only showing in the Prive Theater. 21 and up+Alcohol {if you'd like}+leather reclining seats = Prive. So basically this theater was the bomb and I loved it! haha :) After the movie, we slowly made our way back to Birmingham. 

Friday, I worked....S L O W L Y. I just got new internet and guess what, I am already ready to cancel it! BLAH!  So my whole work day was spent trying to get T H R E E....yes, you read that right, three files to send! Gosh I was so frustrated. Oh I dont mean I only worked until 5. I was at it until about 9:45. Gosh I was so irritated. Thank God Harry was there to keep me sane and he is smart and understands all of that internet techy stuff which I don't at all! haha so YAY for that :) I probably would have completely pulled my hair out if he wasnt there to help. Despite the crap internet, our Arby's Dinner completely made up for the entire crappy work day. Let's just say that this was the first time that Harry saw me cry. BUT It was a good cry! It was from laughing so hard. hahaha! Oh my gosh, BEST DINNER EVER! and who can say the best dinner of their life was at Arby's. I will never forget it....ever.

Saturday was A M A Z I N G. Finally, Harry got to have his Christmas Gift. So, I got him tickets to tour all of the spots in Atlanta where the Walking Dead {and catching fire, and  Zombieland and other movies/shows} is/was filmed! Our tour guide, Patrick, has been a Walker on several episodes. Really, if you love TWD you definitely need to go on this tour! There are two of them. We went on the first one to make sure that it was good. Well it was FANTASTIC and we cant wait to go on the second one! really....I can't wait!
Just to name a few things we got to see on Tour 1.... We got to see the Hospital where Rick wakes up at the beginning of the show, the police station, and my FAVORITE...TERMINUS!!!!! oh my gosh I was flipping out. The train car and everything was there. It was WAY cool to see it!!!! Those are only a few places that we saw. The tour is three hours long so you get to see a whole whole lot!!! I can't wait to go back!!

After TWD Tour, we went to the World of Coke. I have been before but it was Harry's first time. He is a HUGE coke drinker. I think he liked it!! It's a fun place to see and you get to taste all of these kinds of Cokes from all over the World. We also got to try a limited edition Coke which was Gingerbread Coke! It was soooo delicious. It was a good time. We took some fun photos. Im pretty sad though because yesterday I realized that I didn't get one polaroid while we were in Atlanta. 

We stayed in Atlanta until sunday afternoon. I honestly wasn't ready to leave because I love a city hahaha! BUT I have serious work to get back to!

So, as you see, my first week of 2015 has been Fantastic. Unfortunately, Harry goes back to Montgomery today and that my friends makes me sad. I hate seeing him leave. Thank God I am a pretty independent gal and know how to keep my mind off of it. But, I am not for a second going to say that long distance relationships are easy, because they aren't at. all. Oh gee, but thats a whole other post all in itself. 

Well friends, I hope your new year start has been as fun as mine has!!
Remember this is only the beginning. Make 2015 your year!!

Bye for now, 

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