December 31, 2014


Hey Hey!!!

You guys....My boyfriend is such a mess. And by mess I mean a handful of a good mess. So supposedly I was going to have a package delivered to my house on Tuesday around 2 from Harry, which isnt anything out of the blue. He does sweet stuff like that all the time. We had talked about it on the phone and everything. He just kept saying he really wanted me to be the one that opened the door and saw the package first! I kept asking what was the big deal about this package...I think I even said, "I mean its just going to be a brown box, so whats the big deal?!?" So I had been anxiously waiting for AT&T to finish installing my internet so I could hurry back to my parents house before Mr. David the UPS guy delivered. So of course I nearly broke my neck to be there when it was delivered. I got back to my parents house around 1. I was only there for about 5 or so minutes before there was a knock on the door!

So I go to the door, open it, and to my pleasant surprise it was FAR FAR FAR more than just a brown box! It was HARRY standing there in real life! Dear Lord! The best surprise ever.

So, needless to say, my original plans of gym time, tanning, and lots of work for Faith were completely shot. But hey, that's totally okay with me. That surprise made my week and its only Tuesday. So the remainder of the week will be spent making lots of fun new memories with my Handsome guy. 

Our New Years Eve will be spent with my BESTIE FRANCELINA MAE and her hubbs. Eeeeek. Hopefully, Lyssa Lou and Eric too!!! along with a couple of other people. OH Yes its going to be a blast! I'm honestly just SO excited to be spending New Years Eve and welcoming in the New Year with someone who is SO STINKING GOOD to me. When I think back to last years NYE I remember exactly how I felt that night and that feeling is one that I will never forget. To say the least, it was NOT a good feeling and I knew then that no girl/lady/women should ever have to feel how I felt. No one deserves it! I remember thinking that night about all of the people who were SO so important to me, yet some of them were no where to be found on New Years Eve and could have cared less where I was celebrating the New Year. It was then that I realized that the people that are around you most, that choose to spend special occasions with you, that choose to put themselves around you, that choose to spend time with you despite a better offer...these are the people who I should be focusing on because these are the people who will be there for you at any given moment. These are the people who love you despite your flaws. These are the people that don't always put their feelings above others. And these are the people that I want to surround my self with. So, although I had a blast last New Years Eve celebrating with friends, the feeling I felt inside is one that took such a hard hit. So this year, I am simply thankful for the fact that I know I do NOT have to feel how I felt last year. It's awesome to think about sometimes where you will be in a year. I can tell you right now, last year at this time, I had NO IDEA or could have even imagined being where I am now. 

 Anyway, the rest of the weekend...well, Ill share those awesome plans later my friends! 

Im off to do some major work catch up since a completely abandoned ship yesterday.
Bye now

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