September 11, 2014

A Birthday Trip to Nashville

Hi hi!!!

Tuesday night, My mom and I, along with my Cousin Alyssa, my Aunt Deneen, and her sister Joan, all took a fun little overnight trip to Nashville. It was a full day of celebrating my Aunts 50th Birthday!! 

I am only 6 months older than Alyssa! So, ever since we were teeny tiny, up until we went to separate high schools we were attached at the hip. Although we went to separate schools, and both formed fun lives away from each other, Lyssa Lou will always be one of my closest girlfriends, and someone I know I can go to and talk to when I need anything!!! I say all of this to say that any chance I get to spend time with them, I take it! They are seriously a bunch of goofballs and make me laugh so hard. My mom and my Aunt Deneen are really NO GOOD for each other. 

Anyway, here are a few photos from out fun little and short trip. 

We basically just roamed around Nashville for a little bit. My aunt hadn't ever been so that's what she wanted to do for her Birthday...totally fine by me:)
We stayed a few hours downtown until we were hungry! Then we made our way to the Loveless Cafe! So goooooooood. After that we drove to Franklin. I wanted them to see how f a n t a s t i c it is there. I'm seriously in love with that adorable town. gee I want to move NOW! After Franklin, we stopped for coffee and then made our way back to Alabama! It really was a fun fun trip. Gee though....those two sisters are the biggest worriers on the planet I do believe. haha. R E L A X a little ;)

I loved getting to spend time with them! I loved spending time with Lyssa Lou. I loved spending time with my momsie. Gee! such a good time. 

I hope you enjoyed a few of our photos!!
Have a wonderful Thursday my friends.


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Katie said...

I've never been to Nashville, but heard lots of good things about it from everyone. I should go visit one day. It's great that you get to spend such fun times with the family!