September 5, 2014

Franklin Adventure

Hello There!

On Tuesday, I had a business meeting in Franklin, Tennessee. 
It was an early drive to Franklin, and my meeting was at 11AM.
The meeting was short. sweet. to the point.
I got to meet Sarah, one of the girls I email back and forth with a whole lot. So that was great. 
I got a tour of Erin's Studio, and her husbands recording studio as well!! He is a producer:)
I got to see inside the workspace, their workflow. Which is really helpful for me to see!!
It was a really great meeting. 

After my meeting, I just sort of made a day of being in Franklin. 
I had never been to Franklin before and I had been told that it was a super neato town! So, naturally I just had to go explore it and see so for myself. 

Here are few photos from my adventurous day. 

I went to the COOLEST of COOLEST coffee shops. 
It's called High Brow Brew.
I got a Spicy Mocha. It was the best coffee I have ever had in my life.
E V E R 
I honestly cannot wait to go back and have more. 

I walked down the main street of downtown.
They had a lot of eating places. A lot of boutiques. Anthropology. Starbucks. and Antique shops.
The streets were also filled with people and I even saw a musician playing her violin...just in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon :)

I had a super late lunch at The Bunganut Pig Pub & Eatery.
My waitress was the sweetest lady! We really connected over conversation about photography!
It was a really pleasant and enjoyable lunch!
I will definitely be staying in touch with Marybeth and Definitely going back to FRANKLIN
A S A P 

In all honestly....I would move there right this second if that was an option!
 Who knows what the future holds my friends....who KNOWS..

I hope you enjoyed my photos and my little adventure. 
The next one will be to Nashville on Wednesday to celebrate my aunts Birthday.
P.S. If you haven't noticed I am in heaven living here in || B H A M || 

Bye now

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Chiara said...

That coffee plays looks good! You can't beat a good cup of coffee and that one looks amazing!x