September 2, 2014

Dear September

Please slow down.
Time is just flying by.
It's so true that time flies when you're having fun.

I've already been in Birmingham for a whole month and Gypsy and I are having such a blast. 

Today I am traveling to Nashville to meet with one of the photographers I work for. 
The whole plan was to take Gyp Gyp along with me. However when I told my mom, she responded with, "Just leave Gypsy here with me! She hasn't been here all weekend!!" Someone must have missed little Gyps. I'm so glad my mom loves her;) 
And Poor Girl, she probably would rather stay home with my mom. I've had her going going going all weekend. haha I'm just trying to show Gypsy the life of a real life Gypsy. Sometimes I swear I feel like I really really am one.

Ya'll it's been such a fun weekend!

I went Hiking with Mel B, I got to spend a lot of time with people I care so much about. I got to grill with my family. I got to watch football with fantastic company. I got to relax and cuddle with not just Gypsy but with Pika & Pippi {My aunt and uncles dogs} too!!! 
and I watched Music Festivals on Palladia #outdoorweek

I'm excited for this week! I'm excited to accomplish my to do list. Mark off some to dos on the business side of things.

September is going to be a GREAT month!
Bye now

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