August 28, 2014

Best Friends & Pretty Stationery

YALL!!! I get to see this goof ball tonight!

 | b e s t  f r i e n d  t i m e |
I feel like its been a year since I saw Francelina which is not okay. Life is crazy these days. She  has an hour & a half commute to work every day, and even before I moved to the ham, we never got to see each other. | S A D N E S S | We would however have good long phone calls while she was driving home from work. I think one of those is in order in the near future. Needless to say....I miss the heck out of Frances! I miss working with her and I miss living in the same city as her.  I guess I've realized over the last couple of months that a friendship like ours is super hard to come by and I think we both refuse to let our insanely busy lives, and living in different cities have any sort of negative effect on our friendship.

I remember probably around 4 years ago, {WHAT!!!! HOLY HEAVEN FOUR FREAKIN YEARS AGO....MY LIFE IS FLYING BY...SLOW DOWN!!!} Frances and I became long distance pen pals and this is truly where our friendship grew so close. Still to this day, we are pen pals!!!! and YES even when we were living in the same city, we still write to each other!

Writing is so beautiful. There is something so special about going to the mail and finding something other than bills!!! right? When I go to the mail and find a personal note for me I get so happy because that means someone took time out of their super busy life, to take a few minutes simply to write to 
M E !

I have another little pen pal. It started when I was in college!! My sweet sweet Meme would send me little cards. We started sending little notes back and forth to each other and again, we still to this day send each other pretty notes on pretty stationery that we actually do get from the best stationer in the Shoals :) Speaking of which....I just remembered I actually have some pretty new stationery to pick up while I am in Florence!!

So I wanted to share some pretty little stationery that I am totally into right now. If you ever want to get me something that you can definitely count on me using the heck out of....get me some stationery. But, please purchase from MRS. FRANCES LEDGEWOOD. Best friends support each others career!

 {Winona Gray Design}

Vanilla & Coffee Scented Stationery?? Umm YES PLEASE!
{Being Maisey}


{Social Salutations}



{Dinglewood Design}

{Modern Pink Paper}

{KTF Design}



AND of course... THESE are my FAVORITES!
I 100% blame Frances for my stationery snobbish ways and I'm honestly not sorry for it ;)
All of the above companies can be found on Etsy!

Well friends....I'm pretty busy with work {thank the good Lord!!!} so I'm going to knock some work out before I head to Florence for a shoot with Will!

Happy a l m o s t Weekend!

Bye now

P.S. can you believe FOOTBALL starts Saturday!!! What in the world?!?!

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