September 14, 2014

Change of Season Style

Hey loves!!

Okay, how about this weather this weekend. I wish it would stay forever. I love knowing that fall is basically here. But, I always feel like that here in Alabama our fall is only here for a few days, and then all of the sudden its
 G O N E.

Maybe fall will grace us with its presence a little longer this year!! I sure am hoping so. 
Here are a few change of season styles that I am absolutely loving right now. I want all of this hanging in my closet. So if you're feeling generous and want to put a smile on my face, feel free to gift me any of these wonderful items. 

Oh it's all so so wonderful. 
I have a busy week coming up. Working the front part of the week!!! 
{yay! I love being able to do what I do}
Melissa  & I are going shopping one day this week! We are looking for me a few things to wear on my trip this weekend!

I will tell you all about my trip later on this week!! AND YES I absolutely plan on getting a few of these pieces for my trip!

Its going to be a fun one.
Church. Gypsy. Railroad Park. Food Trucks. Good People. FUN FUN DAY!!

Bye now,

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