September 16, 2014

Music Midtown Trip!

Hi hi!!!
This weekend is going to way too much fun. 
My best guy pal {William} and I will be having a three day road trip to Atlanta.
Music Midtown is happening on Friday and Saturday. We are 
B E Y O N D excited!!

We have been waiting and waiting on this weekend to get here for what seems like forever. We are seeing some really great artists! Despite the horrible schedule, we both know that this trip will be one for the books. 

Here are a few of the artist that we can't wait to see!

I'm so excited about the lineup for Friday! However, the scheduling is a little whack. Jack White & John Mayer are at the same time. WHY? Makes absolutely Z E R O since. Also, Iggy & Lorde overlap. No. Crazy. Stupid.
I am sure it is very very hard to do the scheduling for an event like this, but really?? When MM released the times a few weeks ago, social media blew up over the conflicts. Not good. I think everyone has cooled off a little now. I'm still just as excited to go, just annoyed that I'm having to CHOOSE between John & Jack, Iggy & Lorde.

Saturday is a pretty great lineup too! I'm just really excited for a fun trip. I'm excited to hang out with Will all weekend. I hope I can keep up with his crazy high metabolism. 

Tonight Mel B & and I are doing a little shopping so I can start getting everything ready. I will be back for a post on what I get on my shopping trip tonight!

Bye for now loves

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