June 19, 2014


Today I turn 26.
Geeee! Where has my life gone?

Anyway, here are 26 FUN Facts about me that you may or may not already know. 
You all pretty much know the basics about me if you have ever read my blog. So, Ill get those out of the way real quick on the first five just to catch you up if you didn't know.

1. My name is Brianna. Pronounced...Bri - ANNA. Not Bri - ONNA. See Below.
CORRECT ----> Bree-ann-uh INCORRECT ----->Bree-ahn-uh

2. I love loving on people and showing them the perfect and beautiful love of God. 

3. HUGE family girl. L o v e those crazy fun people.

4. One of my b i g g e s t Pet Peeves is the pronunciation of my name. Anna Anna Anna, its Bri-ANNA.

5. I'm a professional weekend traveler.

6. The best compliment is when someone notices that something seems different about me. Can I just say, it's not a secret. You can have the same joyful life that I have. Curious?? ask me, Ill gladly share my secret. 

7. I'm freakishly discerning

8. I want itsybitsybrianna carved on my tombstone. Yes, whether I'm 100lbs or 300lbs when I die, doesn't matter. At heart I will always be itsybitsybrianna. 

9. I believe in a magical love.

10. People ask me all the time for fashion advice. I gladly give it. Free of charge!!! Better take it while the cost is still low.

11. It's my dream to work for myself and it's happening!

12. I love flying. well....I just love traveling in general.

13. My urgent life priority is showing people that G O D s L O V E changes everything. 

14. I wish I could play the Violin. 

15. I'm an expert at seeing the glass half full, rather than half empty.

16. I get my best ideas from experiencing things.

17. I'm on the path to fulfilling my Life Purpose....well thus far. Who knows what God's Life Purpose will be for me 26 years from now.

18. I have the BEST little brother & three SISTERS {who aren't really my sisters} a girl could ask for.

19. I love Pupsters...L O V E them.

20. I deeply love LOVE......& Men's Fashion. Those two things, good Lordy <3

21. I am an EYE girl. Obsessed with peoples eyes. It's the  f i r s t thing I notice about people, then their clothes. almost 95% of the time I can tell you what color your eyes are and what you were wearing the first time we met. 

22. My imaginary Mentors would be Rachel Zoe & Deborah Lloyd

23. I want to be in a big city...like NOW

24. Celebrity Crush ---->Adam Gallagher & Katy Perry haha

25. I love the energy good music makes me feel. 

26. Photography. Photography. Photography. The thing I am most thankful for at this moment in my life is that God opened the door and directed my path back to my love for photography. SO thankful. It has changed everything. 

Well there are TWENTY SIX Random things about ME. hope you enjoyed and still love me the same as you did before you read them :)

I'm off to get dressed for a shoot with sweet Faithy!

Bye now

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