June 21, 2014

Birthday Week

Hi there.

I am keeping my Baby Gyspster Marie this week. 
So the end of my Birthday week is coming to a close. It's been a fun week as a whole. Going to Nashville and learning from Scott Kelby was definitely a top highlight of the week. The man is super talented, knows his stuff, is Insanely well traveled and is absolutely hilarious. I learned & laughed all at the same time all day on Tuesday. Since Tuesday, I haven't stopped thinking about learning and learning and learning more.

BUT I must say my absolute f a v o r i t e part of the week was on Wednesday! Faith did a shoot of me along with my Momma. It was way way way too much fun! I love shoots!!! They are probably one of the very top things I love about my job.  Being behind the camera on a shoot is insanely exhausting!! I knew that part all too well...but I really had no idea how exhausting it is to be on the other side, in front!! 

It was the first time that Faith & my Mom had ever met. I kept telling both of them that they would be trouble together because they are WAY too much alike. So I already knew that those two would have a blast together. We all three laughed and cut up all afternoon. Seriously it was such a fun day and made my birthday week so so special to me!

My actual birthday, well....that day was just weird and I won't get into that. 
Overall its been a really fun, blessed, awesome, adventurous week. 
26 is off to a  l o v e l y start!!

Enjoy your Saturday!!!


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