May 2, 2014

Friday & Change.

Anyone else GLAD it's Friday?!?!
this girl sure is.

I've had an awesome week holding the fort down without Faith.
Although, I must say I am ready for her to be back.
I've gotten a lot done though!

I still dont think that it has clicked yet that she is moving. I guess it will all set in on the day they pull out of the driveway. Oh sadness. I love this place. I love working here. I love them as individuals. They are such great people. I will definitely be visiting them as much as possible and hopefully continue to do work for Faith!

I am super excited about this new time in my life. I'm praying for God's direction and for a passion and drive for what I do that can only come from him. It's going to be so fun friends. 

I'm going to conquer today knowing that I am whole and complete in God. I lack nothing and I am insanely blessed with this life that I live. 

bye now

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