May 5, 2014


Sunday's as you know are my FAVORITE day of the week and yesterday did great not to disappoint. 

I spent the morning serving with the best people. 

My Epic family is the best and they will never ever know how thankful I am that God led me to them. They are a huge blessing! These are two of the many people that put a smile on my face. Felicia, on my right & Anna on my left...both of which I must add are ridiculously hilarious and so sweet.

After service and tear down, I stop by the mall for a short sec to see the sweetest Frannie Mae girl I know. 

I wore a cute headband and it kinda of brightened my day even more <3

I had a lunch date with Mr. Will Patrick himself. I feel like I have been non-existant...So we had a whole whole lot to catch up on. 
His family was impacted pretty bad by the storms last week, so he filled me in on all of the craziness in his life at the moment. Thank God everyone in his family was kept safe!
Lunch was super delicious and a great great time!!

The rest of the day, I basically worked. 
Good fun work of course.

Im off to the gym now loves.
Starting a new class this morning called Dirty 30.
God Help me!!

Bye now, 

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