May 1, 2014

Wishlist love and Weekend

A few things I am 
L O V I N G 
right now are....

White & Denim Tunic

Aliza High-Low Dress

Embellished Layered Tunic

Stone Wash Romper

Linen Blend Scarf
Peru Sneakers far as color goes...I am the most BORING person ever. I guess that somewhat represents my personality ;) haha

Do your clothes reflect your personality? Mine do...I'm kidding about being boring, but I do have a very mellow and chill personality. I don't have much to say...ever. I am a listener, a very good one. I will talk your head off about some things, but for the most part I'm just a quiet and observant person. Some people take that personal, but I'm just who God made me. 

Good LORD this week is flying by. I am keeping Gypster this week. I love this sweet pup. She's a sweetie pie. 

It's FIRST FRIDAY and I want to go downtown. Maybe I can take gypster downtown. We shall see....Hey Flotown Friends, who wants to go to First Friday?!?! Let me know!

Bye for now, 

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