November 25, 2013

Workspace Inspiration!


ello! I am heading back to Florence soon. Just for a few days. I'll be back in Birmingham for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Wednesday and I cant W A I  T! I am so so sooo ready to spend time with the people that mean more to me than anything. 

This wedding weekend was so great because I did get extra time with family that I dont get to see that much. It was wonderful. 

I am blessed enough today to happily say that I added a new addition to my design & blogging team :) A new beautiful iMac.

So, naturally I am scheming ways to make it sit in a space that is as inspiring as possible. 
Here are a few spaces of inspiration.

I love the wood planks in this space. It's wonderful!!!

This space I love the lights streaming down in the back as well as the art displayed on the wall. Also in my new workspace, I DO NOT want my back facing the door. I cant stand sitting with my back to the door. BAD BAD Feng Shui! Actually I think any electronic device is technically bad Feng Shui in a bedroom ;)

I am OBSESSED with the wire legs! I want want want!!!!

This PAINTING is a beauty!!! I love love l o v e.

As far as my workspace, I want this to be in my room. My room is a tiny space, but I've really made the room appear very large. I am hoping that the plan in my head works out and my room might even look larger after adding a few more things to is. It's all about the layout and floor plans of a space. There is always a way to get the maximum use out of a space. It just takes some patience and a lot of thought process. If you ever need any home styling help, feel free to email me and we can make your space 
P E R F E C T for you!

Happy Monday My friends,
bye now

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