November 27, 2013

My Little Home Workspace.

Well well.....
Here it is! My beautiful new Workspace.
I am completely obsessed with it and is definitely motivation to get work done. Here are a few things that I think will help you get motivated, as well as inspired.

a. Fresh Flowers
b. Organizing Bins
c. Wall Space for hanging inspiration {mine is still in progress}
d. A Clutter Free Area
e. A Cute & Good Source of Light
f. Books to Thumb through for inspiration
g. A Warm Cup of Coffee....always ;)
h. A Cute Chunky Notepad for Jotting notes or ideas
i. & of course cute personalized stationery to always have handy!

Hope these few things will help you get a nice little working space together for yourself!

FINALLY today I go to Birmingham and I am OVER THE MOON about it.
Bye for now, 

1 comment:

jamie.sue said...

I love your workspace! I'm very jealous :) Love you and miss you!