November 28, 2013

Catching Fire.

Last night I hit the road as quick as I could to Birmingham. I couldn't wait to get home to get this Thanksgiving started.
As soon as I made it to the house, I jumped right back in the car with J. He's so precious ♥ 
We went to see Catching Fire along with my mom, Mrs. Rhonda, Jenna & Jonah. {Good ole Family time!} haha. I l o v e being with them.
Catching Fire was great. I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence. She is stunning! It was driving me crazy during the movie because I couldn't remember anything from the book whatsoever. Obviously, I would remember as it was happening.

Of course, my favorite character in the books the entire time I read them was Cinna. He is KE's STYLIST and you all know thats my ultimate dream. One of the main detailed things I remember from the book is that President Snow wants Katniss to wear a wedding dress at one of the ceremonies before the game starts. Cinna recreates that dress and during the ceremony as Katniss twirls around in the dress it transforms from a bright white bridal gown to a stunning deep dark Mocking Jay. It's beautiful. So clearly Cinna is BRILLIANT. He isn't just a stylist. He's a designer. He's an ARTIST. b r i l l i a n t.

LOVE HIM....because of his oh so Brave creation, some sad things happen that are pretty devastating. That didn't change in the movie and again, I was devastated. 
So my night was GREAT. Loved spending it with people that mean a whole-freakin-lot to me. When I say a whole-freakin-lot, I really r e a l l y mean that. whole heartedly. 

Would you do something Brave like Cinna did for someone you love? Even if that means risking your own life? Think about it. If so....what is that person to you? Do they know that you would do absolutely anything for them? If not...Tell them.

Bye now,

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