November 30, 2013

Black Friday

Hey hey!!! Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Mine was great....I am very thankful for the voice I normally have. I couldn't talk at all hardly. It's slowly coming back to me.
Black Friday was a lot of fun. This was the first year since I was 14 or 15 that I didn't tackle the madness. My mom and I got up earlyish and went shopping for my brother. 
We shopped in Leeds at Grand River. It was g o r g e o u s outside. 

Last night we went to see John & Jacob play at Workplay. B E S T SHOW. It was so much fun. I was lucky enough to have a nice little date. My Meme!

She took me for a ride in her nice little Red Thunderbird. I felt so special.

She absolutely {obviously} LOVED J&J. She just couldn't get over how great they are. I promised her if she went she wouldn't be disappointed. She just went on and on about their talent. 

OH also, did you notice how stunning she is?!? She's SO gorgeous!

My long time friend Stephy {stephanie} came too. It took a LOT of effort for her to get there and I know the show was worth all of her efforts! She seemed like she had a blast...and hey! She got a super cute picture out of it!

My friends from RH that I used to work with in Birmingham came out too! LOVED getting to see my Christmas & Mel-B. After the show we all went out and caught up on all of our new lives since we split ways. GEE I miss those two! Such a fun night!

Now I am DRAAAAGGGIIINNNNNGGGG hardcore this morning.
Guess I better rest up. 

How was YOUR black friday?!?! Share away!

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