December 1, 2013

Missing Florence.

Today I am heading back to FloTown. I've missed Florence. I've missed my friends. I've missed my apartment. I've missed my Mackinna Jack {my iMac}. Yes! I have finally decided on a name for her.

This thanksgiving has been great. I've loved being home and seeing my family and friends. However, I have been sick this whole weekend and am just ready to feel like myself again. I'm trying SO hard to tough it out.

Yesterdays events were pretty tiring when your sick. The Iron Bowl was tiring even when youre at 100%. That game was c r a z y. Loved watching my crazy family though. Seriously they are CRAZY. Such a blast. After the win, we did the usual Iron Bowl celebration at Outback. Everyones Dinner on Pawpaw if Auburn wins! He loves it!

It's my favorite day of the week. I am trying to catch up on my blogs :) Today my brother and I are getting a few photos for our Christmas cards. We are ALWAYS last minute with this. Just the norm. 

Hope your sunday is wonderful!
Bye Now,

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