November 21, 2013

Bitter Sweet

Today is a bitter sweet day for me. Working at PSI is what got me back here in Florence and I couldn't be happier about living in a town that is thriving with creativity and is literally exploding. I l o v e Florence so so much and am so thankful that I am back here. Working at PSI was great for the most part, but like every job there were some things that I hated. But there are also things that literally brought out a person in me that isn't me. Someone mean, someone angry, someone bitter, someone disrespectful, etc. {I know thats horrible but TRUE} and if you know K N O W that those are the furthest thing from Brianna characteristics. DO NOT get me wrong. PSI is a wonderful business and the people are great. I will definitely be missing it. 

So this is what I am trying to get to...Today is my last day at PSI. I will miss working with my Best Friend {Frances} every single day. I will miss Tommy Tank and his HILARIOUS moments of just speaking the Gods-honest truth. He's SO honest. I will miss Aubrey & Lee!!! These two guys are truly some of the greatest guys I have ever met. SO SWEET! Aubrey gave me the most RANDOM projects that needed time to play with an figure out. I always loved those projects. Lee just liked me so much he never gave me any jobs to do! I will miss Darrell's sarcastic and witty remarks :) LOVE hillarious. I will miss Mary the cute office manager and our nail polish talks, as well as her talking me off the edge of the cliff. I will miss John Charles who got stuck in the elevator {he is so much like my little brother}, I will miss taping, glueing, assembling, stuffing, folding, and repeating all things Stationery for the BEST fine stationery specialist in the SHOALS. You are AMAZING at what you do Frances and I'm SO sad when I think about us not working together. I'm going to miss being downtown. I'm going to miss my walks to Rivertown. I'm going to miss regular customers like sweet Miss Jane. I'm going to miss pretty bright girly things all around. I will miss Lou asking me about CODs why they aren't paid. Of course, there are TONS of things I will miss, and I could name these ALL DAY LONG. 

I couldn't pass up the chance to really be able to use the creativity & talent that I was given. I have been patient. I have worked hard and it feels good to know that somewhere along the path, someone saw my passion, love, & dedication. They didn't just see it, but they REMEMBERED ME for it, and they appreciated it. Oh appreciation...I'm not even going to go off on a tangent about that.

So Like I said in the beginning, today is COMPLETELY Bitter Sweet and I hope I can keep myself together today. Tommy Tank, Frances & I have a coffee venture this morning!

Bye now,

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Rosemary Nickerson said...

As you step out into a new beginning....many blessings on you!