November 23, 2013

Wedding Day!

Hey Hey! Well it's the big day for my life long Best Friend Lyssa Lou {Alyssa}. 
Alyssa and I are cousins. We are six months apart and since neither of us ever had a sister, we are so much more than just cousins. She really is like my sister. Before we actually had to grow-up, we were absolutely inseparable.

I am SO excited about her getting married to the guy of her dreams, Eric. Eric is a sweetie and I've a l w a y s loved him for Alyssa. 

Here are a FEW photos from our BUSY day yesterday!

The rehearsal dinners was great and decorated SO cute!

I am SO excited about today. It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL {hopefully tear free} day!
I Love you sweet Lyssa Lou!

be back soon!

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