March 19, 2016

Cooking & Love

Hello Saturday!
My week has been filled of taking care of my handsome guy. He had back surgery on Tuesday. I took him back to the doctor yesterday and the doc said the incision is looking good. It will take him about six weeks to recover, so its going to be a long road ahead! But hopefully his back is completely fixed! I'm super excited. Aaron's back has been hurting him ever since I met him. So I'm super excited about him being pain free. I hate seeing him hurting all the time. A hurt back is no joke my friends!! 

So, since I've been here with him constantly the past couple of days, I've been cooking a lot! Aaron is a chef. SERIOUSLY, so its hard to get a hand in the kitchen simply because I am obsessed with his cooking. Yes, I love to cook as well, but it helps him relax and we both get happy tummies from it! So, I think I can sacrifice my kitchen time a little ;)

So this week I've made Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, thanks to my Auntie Stacey for sharing her great recipe. I've made Baked Chicken. We've made some fresh juices together! I've made some Spaghetti and Cheddar Biscuits, and this morning I made Protein Pancakes with Bananas! They were delicious and we will definitely be making these pancakes more often.
(Recipe & Photo from Willow Bird Baking)

I have loved being back in the kitchen and I'm glad my handsome chef hasn't been too hard on my cooking! haha. I'm so thankful that God chose Aaron for me. I've waited a long long time...dated the wrong guys...been heart broken...been lead on and on for years...but I'm telling you, I would go through all of it again if I knew that he would be there standing at the end of it. I'm so so so thankful for someone that far exceeded any expectation, hope, prayer, etc. 

So to Aaron, I have loved taking care of you this week...hated the circumstances for you, but loved being here for you. I am so grateful your career brought you to little ole Birmingham, Alabama and I'm glad I was back in my hometown when I was supposed to be. 

 Thinking back, a little over a year ago, I wrote THIS. It's funny that we spend so much time planning our own lives and feel so certain that its God's plan....when really we have no idea what the future holds. I still firmly believe that God gave me this adventurous heart to go...I do know that I'm not meant to stay in Alabama forever. I'm not saying I have completely given up my dream of living in Maui, but  I'm saying that sometimes things come along that have a higher influence on your life and their influence out weighs what you had planned up until that moment. 

I tried to choose working towards moving to Maui over getting to know Aaron...I really did. I tried SO hard....ask him if you don't believe me. But for some reason, it was just impossible to stay away from him (umm have you seen his smile, and if that doesn't get you...the blue eyes...and it isn't by any means just his good looks...he is just as sweet and caring as he is handsome.). I'm so glad now that it was. I still have a huge dream of living in Maui one day (maybe when we are old) and I do believe it could still happen some day! So, until then, I'm going to have a really fun life with the person who has impacted my life in so many positive ways. 

bye now

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Dressed With Soul said...

Oh, this is true love <3 And it looks very yummy :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena