February 19, 2015

MAUI: Future

Morning my wonderful blog friends!
So today is an important day.

Tonight at 11 was supposed to be my flight back to Alabama. Before I ever left Alabama to come to this wonderful paradise, I knew that when this day came, I would have a really hard time with leaving. Deep in me I feel this strong pull to just stay and I kept saying that before I ever even left Alabama. 

So here's where I get honest with you. Two weeks into the trip after talking with Faith & Dan multiple times and my family, I had made the decision to simply stay. find work here and figure out things one at a time. My heart was so excited about the future and I was incredibly motivated to work whatever job necessary to stay here....other than stripping & prostitution obviously ;) The Maui Lifestyle is my lifestyle at heart and I am head over heels in love with this place. I know you're thinking,  "Well who wouldnt be?" but the difference between you and I most likely is that you haven't lived your entire life knowing that you weren't meant to stay in your hometown your whole life. I love Alabama and I love Birmingham, I love being close to my family, but God put this desire to go in my heart and I've known this my entire life, and so has my family. It isn't about not loving what I've known my whole life, its about an adventure that God has written out for me, that he put in my heart. It isn't at all what Southern Idea's of life should look like and I think that's why my life is hard for some people to understand. Yes, its different from your's and I am 100% obsessed with the adventurous heart God gave me. That doesn't make your way of life wrong, but it doesnt make mine wrong either. 

At the beginning of the week things changed and sadly my plans to stay have changed. I am being blessed with another entire month here, but it isnt going to be a permanent stay unfortunately. I am doing my best to look at this change in a positive way. I want God's direction in my life and if Maui isn't it {right now}, then I am willing to go where ever I am supposed to be. Before I left for this trip, I prayed constantly about this being a trip that wasn't about me. Of course I wanted to have fun. I wanted to explore Hawaii, but most importantly I wanted God to use me while I'm here to help someone else. And I know he has! I have also had so much fun along the way, got to spend time with a lot of people who mean a lot to me, made memories that people will never get a chance to make, and the list could go on!

When I think about today being the day I was supposed to leave, I immediately get this disgusting feeling in my gut. I don't want to leave E V E R and I know in a month I will be experiencing this exact feeling when I get on a plane back to Alabama. YES I will also have excitement about seeing the people I love! However, my plan is to use this feeling to my advantage and use it as fuel to go back to Alabama with a drive to get things done and to make it back to Maui Life within a year or LESS. But if its God's plan to take longer than that I am also willing to accept that as well. I will be more prepared when I do make it back! I have time to get rid of things, I have time to save more money, I have time to make living arrangements, I have time for more planning to embrace the Maui Lifestyle with 110% of everything I have. GOD WILLING!

So here's to my future in Maui!!! All encouragement welcome!!! 

On the bright side of all of this, I am SO excited at the thought of seeing My family, My bestie Frannie Mae Mae! My Yoga Partner in Crime Lyssa Lou, My other besties Christmas and Mel B, and so many other people! And next time when I leave for Maui I will get to have a proper Good bye....oooooo maybe even a Going Away Island Party! YEAH!!! 

FUN TIMES AHEAD as always.
bye for now

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