February 21, 2015

MAUI: Whales

Good Morning!!
FINALLY its Saturday and Im ready to simply 
R E L A X on the beach!

I swear to you, my skin is more pale than it was before I left Alabama a month ago. 

Earlier this week, I went on a Whale Watch!
It was so much fun. Whales are so adorable and so so interesting.
There way of life is so neat and it was fun learning about them.

I saw big groups of them, probably 10 whales all together. 
There were a few "little" babies. 
sooooo CUTE and so curious.

I also saw two dolphins!

I am so addicted to Island Vintage. Holy Heaven. I love love love it and am going to have serious withdrawals until I get back to island life. 

Today is a BEACH day All All ALLLLL day and I am beyond ready for it. Hoping to get a little bit of a tan and hopefully before I head back to AL you will be able to tell ive been in Hawaii for over two months. I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Well Im off to get ready for the beach!
Bye now

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