February 23, 2015

MAUI: Exploring Paia!

Good Morning Blog Friends!!!
So T O D A Y marks one month left of my amazingly awesome trip to Hawaii.
I know this last month here will fly by so fast and I don't want it to. 
I am however, super excited to get back home, get to work H A R D, and get back here as quick as I can!!!

Yesterday was a day of exploring. 

Have you ever seen such beauty?! Its just everywhere you look!

Faith and I drove to Paia and explored the little town.
I L O V E D every second of it. 
My favorite little shop from this town was 
Here are a few photos of the shop!

And I jut realized, {naturally} all of my photos of the shop are from the men's section of the store. What can I say?!?! I just love men's fashion <3
The women's section of the shop was super great too!

This spot near Paia Bay was insane! There were so SO many Kitesurfers. Just TONS of them! So that was really awesome to see. I've seen people surfing a lot since I've been here but the amount that I saw yesterday was just way cool!

Faith and I are planning to go back here just to relax one day!
Yesterday we did a whole lot of shopping.
So I will have more photos eventually!

Bye now

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