March 24, 2016

My Ideal Living Room Space

Hi There!
I've been envisioning what my future home would look like one day when I am an adult ;) and married with a cute baby puppy...because being married is when you actually are officially an adult, right? {sarcasm} Good Lord, what a joke!

Anyway, so I'm always obsessing over interiors so I thought well why not play around with what my future living room could possibly look like. Obviously, just the general feel of a space all on its own will play a huge role in what type of look and feel I want to go with but if I were just picturing the open and airy {preferably tropical location} living room that I dream of, these are a few pieces of furniture that I would   l o v e   to have in my home one day!

I love all grays, whites, dark dark navy blues, creams, and golds.
All of the above pieces can be found at All Modern.

What does your dream living room look like?
Do share!

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