February 3, 2016

LFS and Monday's

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!

This first week of what I thought was going to be one of the toughest weeks I've ever had has turned out to be really incredible. I've already realized how much Aaron and I would have missed out on if he would have had to be away for work these next few months. Everyday I realize something else, big and small, that we get to share together now that he didn't go and it's super exciting for me. So, I'll just catch you up on a few things that's been going on in my world!

First things first, we got to share the gender revealing of my cousin/best friends baby. She's having a girl. I can't wait to be Auntie Bri Bri, although I'm not "technically" the baby girls aunt, I can't wait to act as though I am! Get ready Mr. Evans...we will be babysitting AWHOLEFREAKINLOT <3

Over the past weekend, I went to Huntsville to spend time with my Bestie, Frances. About a year ago, she started her dream business, Ledgewood Fine Stationery. It's been really fun seeing it grow very very quickly. She had an event while I was in town, so we spent most of our time working on getting ready for that. I also added new stuff, tweaked and worked on her website a little bit. So fun!!! I could literally lose hours of my life working on websites and never get tired of it. You can check that wonderful beauty out HERE! I have to say, its been really fun being able to be a small part of something that someone is so passionate about.

The event was at this little boutique in downtown Huntsville called Indigo. The owner was the cutest and so so sweet! My mom came to visit us and I loved getting to spend time with Frannie's momma, Mary Mac!!! I've missed my MM SOOOOOOO much!

Anyway, like always my weekend trips to see Frances are never long enough. I really miss her! BUT, one thing I can say about us is that distance hasn't changed our friendship one single bit. We pick up right where we left off every single time. 


Monday's are both mine and Aaron's off day, aside from my BodyFlow class that I teach. 
(oh BTW, if any of my flow-ers are reading this...I sure hope you are as sore as I am from class Monday! It's no fair if the instructor is sore and her students aren't) Anyway...back to what I was saying, Monday Aaron and I had a little Coffee Date! We tried Seeds for the first time and we are sorry to say that we just didn't like it. Sorry to all you SEEDS lovers, the flavor of the coffee was really disgusting. Aaron said my drink tasted like Broccoli Cheese Soup. YUCK!I don't even like Broccoli Cheese Soup when its supposed to taste like Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Although we didn't like their coffee, we did like the atmosphere of the place. So, we probably will go back but not for the coffee!  The decor is awesome!! The rest of Monday consisted of 'Last Man Standing', An hour of practicing and preparing for my BodyFlow Class, an hour and a few minutes of the Gym with Aaron  and then another hour of BodyFlow and I'm pretty sure my students will never come back because it was a super hard class. I'm still incredible sore. Soooo I guess you can say Monday consisted of lots of my favorite things...Spending time with Aaron and working out:) Not a bad way to start the week at all!

And this weekend we are OFF TO TEXAS and I cannot wait!
Bye now

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