January 25, 2016

January 25th, you turned out to be an AMAZING DAY!

It's an AMAZING day here in mine and Bucky's world.

This man and his dog are my entire world and ever since the day I realized how in love I am with him, I've been dreading the end of January getting here. 

Today is the day Aaron was supposed to be deploying until June. I have been terrified, worried and overthinking every single bit of it. These last two weeks, Buck and I have been GLUED to him wanting to spend as much time with him as we can since we were going to be without him for so long:( After a long weekend of packing up all of his apartment last weekend, after work, Aaron stopped me and told me he had some bad news for me...My heart sank and I had the most sick feeling in my stomach. I was terrified to hear what he was about to tell me.
He followed it up with, "We are going to have to unpack some of those boxes, because I'm not going!!!!" I immediately fell into his chest and just sobbed the ugliest most relieved cry ever. My heart has never been so happy in my life! I hope these next few months his doctors can get his back working properly and like new again!

I know the day will come, I'm sure sooner rather than later, that he will have to deploy and I dread that day too. But I'm so thankful for him and the sacrifices he's made and will continue to make for our country and our freedom.  I'm also so thankful that his Air Force life brought him and Bucky into my life...SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL!! 

I LOVE YOU so much Aaron Evans and my heart is so happy that today turned out to be a much better day than I had been planning on these past few months. Lets make some more memories babe! 

Thanks for reading friends!

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