May 17, 2015

Weekend recap!

It's my favorite day of the week.
So today is kind of a big day. Not for me, but my best friend since high school William Berry is graduating from freaking LAW SCHOOL today! WHAT?!? Seriously, if you would have told me fourteen years ago that Will would be doing this, I have to be honest I would not have for one second believed it.  CONGRATS Best Friend! You've worked super hard and I'm so proud of you!!

This weekend has been a little blah. Yeah, the weather was not on our side.

 My Thursday, Friday, and the rest of the weekend were pretty great. 
Carrigans Thursday night with Melissa. OH and fun happened after that. I rode with Melissa to Pelham to our first job out of college. We went to Rocky Heights to kidnap Chris from working all night. Gee that place on Thursdays was always the death of us all. But, at the same time it was always so fun. I loved working there with those crazy kiddos. If it weren't for RH I wouldn't know the people who I get to call some of my best friends. It was fun....random! but fun!

Okay so FRIDAY is where the fun and exhaustion begins. First of all, I started off the morning with teaching Body Flow! As soon as I finished that class I got a text from another instructor asking if I could sub for her class! So I did. That class was from 11:45 to 12:45 and then at 1 at met Raeghan, Reisa, and her Boyfriend Zach and  we all went to First Ave to climb. It was fun. Unfortunately I had a terrible migraine and didn't get too many climbs in. I also blame the fact that I had taught two BF classes back to back. I was already exhausted and it was just past lunch. 

After that, I rushed home to meet my bubs when he got home from school :) Love my little bubs. Then I C R A S H E D but only for thirty minutes. I had no time to sleep too hard. So then I woke up put my tennis shoes on and headed outside in the beautiful weather to kick my own tail with a HIIT workout. It was for real terrible. Anyway so I had two minutes left in my work out and the time was 6:02. Raegy text me with those two minutes left and said they were meeting at 6:45 to head to the movies! WHAT....yes. Read that again. It was this moment I have sweat literally dripping from my elbows {gross} and I needed to leave my house by 6:30 to be there on time. 

So what do I do?! I run full sprint inside. Jump in the shower, wash my hair with body wash because I forgot I ran out of shampoo! Talk about frustrating moment! STRUGGLE. So I get out, throw clothes on. Brush out my wet hair. Throw on foundation. Put shoes on. And run out the door. Talk about looking a wreck!!!! Gee. So anyway. I did however make it on time. I actually beat them there! haha. 
Anyway so Friday hanging out with my sisters was perfect and much much needed. 


Yesterday I worked a wedding with Angela Blake Photography. Gosh I love working with her. She's so fun! The wedding was at the Donnelly House. Its in downtown Bham. I've been in a wedding there before, my friend Amber's wedding. So I don't know about the weather where you were yesterday, but bless that poor little brides heart the weather over the Donnelly house was terrible, unpredictable, and not pretty. So she finally made the call to have everything in doors and that was the exact call that she needed to make. It poured down out of no where!!!The wedding still turned out beautiful and they had some very entertaining dancers to say the least. 

After the wedding I randomly ran across Will, having a little pre-graduation celebration. So obviously Melissa and I joined him for a little bit. Then we ended up hanging out with our friends Daniel and Chris for a bit at good ole Black Market. 
I absolutely LOVE Birmingham Weekends. 

Well friends. Happy Sunday to you. I'm heading to pick up a little, squeeze in some yoga, and then head off to celebrate my best friends accomplishment!!
Bye for now.

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