May 13, 2015

A little encouragement to you and me

Good Morning Sunshines!!!

How's your week so far? Mine has been a little blahhh feeling. I've been in this weird state of not feeling up to par.  Just to be quite transparent and honest with you, I feel like I have followed every single rule by the "book" and followed every step you're supposed to take into adulthood, yet I feel like I'm coming up short. I find myself at a questionable stage in my life. I didn't see myself here, but I have to know and trust that God has me where I am in life for a reason. I don't necessarily understand why, but I do have to trust him. Does anyone my age feel like this or am I the only one?!


So flash back to November 2013, I stepped into a job that I had no idea would come into my life. I also had no idea that I would finally, 3 years after college find the industry that I could see myself working in forever!! PHOTOGRAPHY. I really and wholeheartedly fell in L O V E with my job. I loved waking up, I loved getting dressed super cute, I loved going to Faith Blessing Photography, and I simply just loved my career. Fast forward to July 2014, FBP moves to Hawaii. I continued to work from home basically doing the same thing and Heck yes, luckily for me that came with some perks of working in Maui for a bit. But now, here am I May 2015 trying to find God's path in my career since the one I loved took a new route.

I say all of this to encourage someone else through my blah time. Figuring out life, well...I think its something that we never do really figure out. It's tough sometimes, but if you're a believer you have to know and trust that God has a plan, and his plan is always far greater than your own. 

So feeling this way always reminds me of The Rocket Summer's song Hills & Valleys. Yes I will forever be a TRS fan <3 

"I wouldn't know 
Just how sweet this tastes now,
No, if at first I did not go,
Through bitter times, through bitter places.
I stay alert for new battles
But for now, we're here. 

Say you're with me,
There's gold ahead, there's golden dreams.
In life's hills and valleys, 
Yeah will you hold on with me."

So friends, if you're feeling a little bit like I am this week, slap a smile on your face and know that God does have a plan for your life no matter what your current state may feel or seem like. 
When we get into these bitter states it only means that there is good right around the corner and that good will be so much sweeter when you have experienced, know and understand what a bitter time in life is. God brings us to these places for a reason.
T R U S T  H I M
It's easier said than done, but hey, just make the effort and he will handle it. 
 If anyone knows any photographers that may need a full time assistant, please let me know.
Or if anyone needs design work, you can check out my website to see if my style fits what you're looking for! 

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