May 8, 2015

Top Insta Accounts!

Hi hi hiiiii!
Who is so glad its F R I D A Y ?
Yeah you better believe it....ME!

So, I wanted to share my top Instagram accounts!

Stunning Fashion Blogger 
She has the HOTTEST Hair imaginable. 
Check out her Blog Le Happy

My dearest Hawaiian LOVE
The Leah Balentine.
She is an amazing athlete and is so so much fun!
She keeps me feeling like Hawaii is part of my life <3
Check out both her personal instagram account & her running account as well. 

Krystle Dawn makes the most stunning headbands ever!
The patterns are incredible and the variety of bands are perfect.
Go follow KZRA

If you know me, you know I'm 100% obsessed with YOONAKIDS for the total obvious reason.  

BRI EMERY is one of my biggest style inspirations. 
She is an incredible C R E A T I V E  S O U L and I will love her forever for being that way!
Seriously follow her and check out her website for the most inspiration overload of your life.


another Hawaii living, loving, happy, free soul.
Leah & Lindsey are close friends so they both keep me feeling connected to island life.
I love Lindsey's account because she & her husband are super adventurous and have lived in so many places around the world. SO inspiring and such cool people and they appreciate ART.

I feel like there is no need to explain this one. 
If you've read my blog for at least a few weeks, you know I have a huge love for Men's Fashion. 
TIGERMIST is also another fashion account. 
What can I say? at least this time its Women's Fashion, right? 

Can you believe it? another fashion account!
Evrry Day is a company from Australia.  

Liketoknow.It is basically a shopping account. But their images are always fun, the people are gorgeous and they inspire me.

So there you have it. My top favorite Instagram accounts at the moment.
So check them out and follow them.
I think I have pretty good taste ;)

Be back soon and thanks so much for reading.

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Lindsay Otis said...

Love this! Started following them ❤️