April 16, 2015


Good Morning Friend!!!
 The past two nights I have stayed with some of my favorite people!
Tuesday night I stayed with Francelina Mae. Saturday is her birthday and since she is going out of town for the weekend, I thought well heck, Ill just surprise her on a random week night!
So, after talking with her husband, I did just that. I think she was very very pleasantly surprised!
It was FUN! We did some major catching up since I haven't seen her since BEFORE I went to Hawaii!
Little Lucy escaped the photo somehow. Eeeeeee gee I love that pup! Maybe I just love animals in general. Anywhoooooo It was awesome seeing my bestie!!

So Wednesday night I ended up having another slumber night with my friend Melissa...or as I call her Mel B. It was fun. Mel B was working on a project. I researched things in Montgomery, and then we planned her some outfits for a couple of events this week. She has this MASSIVE walk-in closet that any girl would love! It was so easy to see every option that she had! Girls got some serious clothing and SHOES!!! So it was pretty simple to find something!

Slumber parties are way more fun when you're an adult! First of all, you can have them any night of the week that your heart desires. No parents telling you, "It's a school night! Absolutely NOT!" You can stay up how ever late you want to. It really is just way cooler when you're an adult.

I have some pretty fun things planned this weekend! Friday consist of practicing new body flow choreography with Lyssa Lou, and Saturday consists of music at Avondale with some friends!

OH also, today is kind of a big day for me and I need some prayers and good vibes sent my way! Thanks in advance!

bye now

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