January 10, 2015

Travel Reads

Morning Sunshines!!!
I had some seriously awesome input on my packing list. Thanks to everyone who helped out with that. I have started packing...well, sort of. I've started getting stuff out I guess I should say. 

I asked my friends on Facebook what books they would recommend and I had so many people help me with that as well. Last night I went to 2nd & Charles with my friends Chris & Melissa. Unfortunately they didnt have any of the books I really wanted. I did get a book though that is part of Book Crossing. So that's fun! Book Crossing is where you put a tag on your book, log onto their website, log where you are from and your thoughts about the book, then you release the book and ship it somewhere else. So it just tracks all of the locations that the book has been read at. I am excited to hopefully release this book in Hawaii. The book I bought is called "Friends Like These." By Danny Wallace. I will let you know how the book is for sure!!! The books I R E A L L Y wanted was a trilogy that my friend Leah told me about.  The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.

 I was SO so bummed out when 2nd&c didnt have the books. They had the 3rd book of the trilogy but that did me no good. So, I am still hoping to get a few more books! It's times like these when I really just wish I had a kindle.

F I V E days my friends! FIVE DAYS. I can't wait to see Faith & Dan! 
I can't wait wait wait wait wait to see 
G Y P S Y  M A R I E 
I can't wait to see Island Cream Co. in real life! I can't wait to see that beautiful logo in real life. I can't wait to eat that delicious ice cream!
I can't wait to see Ericka....Leah....Jerry! Oh my goodness. How in the world did I end up with so many great people living in PARADISE! Wooohoooo.

Bye now

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