December 9, 2014

TOP TWO: Holiday Traditions

Helllllooooo Dear!
Happy Tuesday. You guys, My monday was FANTASTIC! I got to spend time with my BEST FRIEND. She was in town at UAB. Thank the Good Lord everything went fantastic with all of that. But I was SO excited to spend good time with Frances and see the rest of the crew. 

I love those people SOOOOO much and miss being able to see Francelina Mae any time I want. 

Anywhoooooo It is T U E S D A Y
which means its time for a little Top Two sharing. 

This weeks TT is all about the traditions.
So here we GO.

Absolutely without a DOUBT this is number ONE.
Christmas Stockings.
This is seriously one of mine and my brothers favorite things on Christmas Morning.
Mom gets the B E S T stocking stuffers EVER.
We open these last every year.
Can't wait <3

Matching Pajamas on Christmas Eve with my Seesters!
Auntie gets us a matching pair every year and I always LOVE what she picks out.
Gee how we all have changed over the last few years. 
But what never changes is the bond that the four of us have.
These girls mean the world to me and will always be my sisters at heart.
Christmas Eve with them is always the BEST. 
So thank you Auntie Stacey for making a tradition that definitely by FAR is one of my favorites every single year!

So friends, those are my Top Two Holiday Traditions!
Join in on the fun and share yours.

Bye for now,

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