December 6, 2014

Let's Go Blues!!

Hi There!
First of all, Happy Saturday.

This week has been Busy and FUN.

Thursday night, Raegy and drove to see her St. Louis Blues play against the Nashville Preds. It was an A W E S O M E game. Unfortunately the Blues lost by 1. It was still WAY too much fun. We were sitting on the Ice and it was COLD. I can't believe Raeghan is 21. Where the heck does time go??!

I love going to Nashville. Its always so lively. Raeghan had just as much fun as I did. We had dinner at Merchants. Im not sure why but I just love that place! I think its simply because everything is Black & White!!! Dinner was great and our server was awesome! We basically just people watched for the rest of the night after the game.

Friday morning I got up early to go run for a bit while Raeghan studied for Math. BOO on that one! After she finished studying, we headed out, stopping for coffee of course! We stopped at The Well. This place gives money to build water Wells in Africa. So YES we loved supporting that! Here are a few photos of this fantastic business that I will be sure to stop by every time I make it to Nash.

See how amazing the interior is?!? 
The trip was short but so fun!!!

I love you so so very much!

Bye now

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