December 2, 2014

Top Two Christmas Edition: Without Walls

Hello My Dear Friends!!
Can you believe its already the 2nd day of December. Oh and on top of that, yesterday on the 1st of December it was Seventy Something Degrees....WHAT?!?!

So on to the Tuesday Post.

I am going to go ahead and warn you. I am picking my TOP two, but there will also be about a million bonus picks as well. 

This Top Two for my Holiday Edition is from a long long list of Yoga Gear that I am obsessed with. Not only am I obsessed with it i N E E D it because by Mid December I am incredibly happy to tell you that I will be adding Yoga Instructor to my resume!!!
That's right. I am SO soooo excited to be going through training and I can't wait to start instructing!

So now that you know the scoop on that, here is my list of TOP TWO, then my bonus picks of this Holiday Edition. Enjoy!


and here are all of my Bonuses....eeeeeek!
So as you see, I was NOT kidding when I said I had a LONG LONG bonus list!
Hahaha What can I say, Without Walls is
F A N F R E A K I N T A S T I C ! ! 

You can find all of these items on Without Walls Website!!
Most of these pieces I NEED so so bad. I mean if I'm going to be front and center, I have to be dressed cute. You all know by now that my world basically revolves around clothing and dressing like my personality. Its must. 
This has been my FAVORITE!
Hope you enjoyed!!!

What are you dreaming of for your Top Two Christmas Wish List Wants?!?!
Please Share!!
Bye now,

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