November 30, 2014

Christmas Want

Well Hello.....
If you didn't notice above, all I want for Christmas is a new camera.
YES! Thats it ;)

So if you're purchasing me a Christmas gift this year, please do your friend a favor and just donate to the cause. hahaha! I want this SO sooooo bad. I have such a great idea in my head and I can't start on it until I get a new camera! 

HAPPY SUNDAY by the way.
So the Iron Bowl didnt end exactly how I would have liked but to be quite honest I really dont care THAT much about football. I did want Auburn to win but at least it was a close scoring game. 

On to a sport I actually DO care about, Raeghan and I are going to Nashville on Thursday to see the Blues and Preds play. Good Golly I PRAY the Blues win!!!!!! 
I can't wait wait wait to go!!!

Well Im off for a really busy sunday.
Bye for Now, 

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