November 23, 2014

Weekend Catchup!

Hi hi hi!!!

I know I've been MIA for a few days. But hey, what can I say...

I blame this good looking guy. 
ha :)
So here's how the weekend went. 
Friday I worked. We went to the Summit, had dinner, and went to the movies.
Dinner was really good. We went to Village Tavern. 
The movie was ummmmm just okay I guess....{Mockingjay}
OH and we went Urban Outfitters so I could get some B&W Polaroid Film!!! YAY!!!!
Saturday was F U N.
it consisted of Dunkin. Bailey Brothers. J Crew { H E A V E N }. Barnes & Noble. Sumo. Gap.  AE. Express. and McCalisters. and I think thats all.
Oh we also watched 22 Jump Street which is reallllly FUNNY!

That's about it. A freaking fun day! Oh I also wanted to go hit golf balls at the driving range, but then forgot to do that. oh, next time for sure!!

So....Its officially Thanksgiving week and I am so excited.
A- because its a short work week
B- I love family time
C- I live for black friday and people watching

F U N W E E K ahead.

Alright bye for now loves

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