November 26, 2014

The Move!

This is how I feel when I see a brown cardboard box!
I am wrapping up the final day of MOVING. 
I am officially completely moved to Birmingham and I am SO excited.
Of course I will miss Florence, but its time to be here now. 

Its going to be a great move. 
My little space is coming along nicely.
Gee I have had some awesome help over the past week.
{Mom, Dad, Brady, Nanny, Paw Paw, Uncle Brian, Auntie Stacey, Grandmommy & Grandaddy, Uncle Eddie, Denny, Nean, Babby} and praying I didnt leave anyone out!
I could NOT have made it without these people. 
Especially my Dad and Mom! they have helped me with this move more than I could have ever asked them to help me and I am SO thankful!!!

I'm ready to be completely finished. 
There are a few more things I need to get taken care of so I am able to work from there. So until then, I will continue to work from my parents house. 

I can't wait to share photos of my cute place.
Bye for now, 

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