November 12, 2014

It has begun...

Hello There!
As you know, my last few days with my little buddy Gyp Gyp are passing by quickly. On Sunday, I drive to Atlanta to send her off on her way to Hawaii. It seriously breaks my heart. So, right now, I really dont want to ponder on it, so on to the next subject....

I am MOVING to
B I R M I N G H A M 
permanently. Well, you know what I mean....until God is ready for me to go elsewhere.

When I temporarily moved to Birmingham to watch after Gypsy for a few months, I was dead set that I was NOT staying in Bham, and that I was absolutely definitely going back to Florence. So, over the past few months, I continued to fork out rent money, while my apartment sat completely vacant. Although, I will say in my defense, I did stay in Florence most of October!!!! I love LOVE my little space in Florence. I made it a place that really reflected my style, as well as a place that I could really call home!

After I was in Birmingham for about two months or so, I realized I hadnt for one second missed Florence or even thought about it, unless I was writing out my rent check or paying other bills. The only things I would be missing out on from Florence are FRANCES and her family, as well as Epic and my other friends from Florence! {all of which I can visit at any time!!!} I was having so much fun here in Birmingham that I hated the thought of leaving. So, why not stay?!?!

I sure am going to miss the heck out of my cute little space <3
This week I started up the packing process. DEAR LORD!!! This is going to be a task and a half! I packed for a good four hours on Monday, and only completely packed up my Kitchen. My sweet best friend stopped by on her lunch break, brought me boxes, and we had lunch together! YAY!

 I will be heading back later next week with some good ole help from my momma and nanny {fingers crossed} and we will finish up the packing! So by the end of next week, I should be completely moved out!!!
::bitter sweet::

I am glad that I will have the task of moving to keep my mind off of Gypsy being gone!

Bye for now!


Lindsay Otis said...

Come visit my church when you move back! You would love it and you'll know people :)))

Brianna Bolden said...

Where do you go to Church Lindsay?!?!

Lindsay Otis said...

The Church Revived but we are transitioning to Move Church! We have a lot of exciting things happening,
Come visit!!

Brianna Bolden said...

Oh so you go where Tres is!!! Cool!!!
Yeah Ill have to come visit sometime :)