November 11, 2014

Top Two: Holiday Edition!!!

Hey Friends!!!

I am F I N A L L Y back to my normal office. normal desk. normal hours. normal attire. and I can honestly say YES I love it!! This also means I will finally be back to my regular blog posts, thank the good Lord!

So Tuesday usually means Top Two Tuesday. So, I figured from now until Christmas, all of these Top Two Post will be centered around the Holidays!!! Y E S, who doesn't love a good holiday post?!? So let me explain a little. Every tuesday, from now until after Christmas, will be either a Top Two for a Christmas Wish List, or a Top Two Recipe for Holiday Get Togethers! All of these posts will be labeled under Holiday2014TT, as well as hashtags on instagram! If you want to join in, come on and join the holiday fun!!!

This weeks Top Two are from my Wishlist.

This Lovposh Dress
I  love that it has brown and Navy. This navy is a super super dark navy which is perfect for this season and if you know me, you know I despise brightly colored clothing.


Lila Oxblood Color Block Shift Dress 
has my name written all over it!!!
The cute of this I am absolutely in love with.

Alright come on....Dont act like you aren't getting your Christmas wish lists together.
Go ahead, share away!!!

Bye now

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