October 8, 2014

Oh Hey Cute Kid!!!

Hi hiiii :)
Happy Wednesday friends.
After today, we are on the downward slope to the end of the week. 

Today I have some seriously cute kid clothing to share for our quickly approaching cold weather. Enjoy!

All of these puffy coats kind of make me feel like I might be able to make it through winter. You all know I despise the cold weather because I am so cold natured.
I love the navy & gray colors over the brightly colored coats. But they are super adorable on the kiddos none-the-less.
Stop by J Crew and check out all of the wonderful winter looks! And YES you may browse in your size clothing as well, not just kiddie size!

I have a very serious question. If you have children, do you find yourself looking at kiddie clothing in your free time?
{obviously a lot of your time is filled taking care of little one}
I know I don't have kids, nor am I married {ha!} but should I be worried that I DO browse at childrens clothing?? I'm just being transparent here...I can't wait to dress a man and a cute kid!! 

To be honest, I sometimes think it is more of the photography that I am oooing & ahhing over. Of course it does add a little bit of interest that the kids just so happen to be wearing perfectly constructed clothing. It just fascinates me that these photographers capture kids in the most personality filled ways. I just love it. But from having experience in the photography industry, I do know that kids at this age are full of personality because the last thing on their minds is worrying about being too silly, being too crazy, or worrying about what other people around them think. 
I just L O V E these fashion filled and personality filled images.

If you have a kiddie, lets have a fashion filled and personality filled photo shoot!! 
Anyone up for it?? contact me!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

P.S. I a miss the heck out of this guy

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