October 9, 2014

January 2015...on a MISSION!

I'm on mission friends. Why?? 
because I am going to H A W A I I 
I'm on a mission because I want to look the best I have ever looked in my life.

Since I've been back in Birmingham, I have been going to yoga or doing yoga at least 5 days a week. Just recently I exchanged two of those yoga days for Barre days. 
Barre is so g r e a t and very challenging. I love it. If you have worked out with me before, you know I can work myself to death and barely sweat a drop and it wasn't because I wasn't working hard. I was!!! But Barre, it really kicks my tail and whats crazy is, the movements you do are smaller than an inch!! IF you have never tried Barre, I really do suggest you giving it a go!!

On some Barre days, I will still go to yoga in the evening just because Yoga is really what I love. It's what works for my body. I missed it so much when I was living in Florence. I couldn't ever go to any classes because they were always while I was at work. but NOW I can go at whatever time I want to!!! Thank the LORD!!
I just L O V E it. I am being consistent and patient. I know I will see change!!

Since I am sending Gypsy to the island in November, I think that it will be the perfect timing for me to visit her. Of course I can't wait to spend time with Faith and Dan, but Gyp Gyp has become my little pal these last few months {she is laying right next to me as I type this...and she is snoozing away.} and I know giving her back is going to be super super tough on me. 

Man oh Man!!! I am definitely planning the start of 2015 off right!!! I have a photography conference in Destin, and then right after is Hawaii!!! Come on...the photography conference is technically Business related right?!?

Anyway, I am super stoked to go to Hawaii and I really really can NOT wait!

I'll keep you updated on my journey!

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