October 5, 2014

Alabama Theater • Kacey • Sunday

Last night I saw ^^^These weirdos with some of my favorite people.
Kacey was SO much fun. Seriously!!!
My favorite part was the awesomely ridiculously C U T E Cacti on the stage 
and Kacey's sense of humor. 
I love the running theme in a lot of her songs. The basic message being that you aren't going to please everyone. So, stop trying, do what makes you happy, and like her song Biscuit says, "...Life will be gravy." 
Dang, She's got looks & Brains <3

John & Jacob opened for her, but I was late soooo...yeah!
I saw only three songs. Boo! I was bummed out we missed most of their set, but at least we did catch a few songs.

We had a whole lot of fun. Well...except for the fact that we were late, AND I had the worst Migraine on the face of the planet. The worst <<< and that's no exaggeration. You know I have a really REALLY high pain tolerance, so If I am complaining about it, its REAL LIFE. Why can't those stupid things happen when I am siting at home working, rather than while I am actually out trying to have a little fun time? Oh well. By the way, my Migraine is gone now, thank the Good Lord!


I L O V E D Lyssa Lou getting to meet my friends and getting to hang with us! I **think** she had fun. haha Who knows. 

Today is C H U R C H day. By the way, if any of my Epic friends are reading this, I miss the heck out of you all! This afternoon at Christway is the Women's Fall Thingy {sorry I don't really know what its called, don't kill me Mrs. Cari} I am pretty excited about it! Mrs. Cari is such a great speaker and I can't wait to hear her!

It's been a Good Good Weekend. There has been only one thing missing...
Bye for now, 

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