October 2, 2014

James Dean P E R F E C T I O N

James Dean's style was so incredible. It's such a shame that he passed at such an early age. His style was far ahead of the time. His style would blend effortlessly with the style that guys are going for today. If i am being honest, there isnt ever a time that I go shopping and don't end up browsing through the men's sections. I can't help it!!! I just love love LOVE men's fashion.

James Dean is such a style icon and he really set the standard when it comes to teens and young adults dressing differently from parents or older adults. And THANK YOU James Dean for setting it so perfectly right.

Do you SEE that beauty? Guys....want to dress like James. Here are few pieces that can help you do just that!
This deep Burgundy Blazer. The cut & fit are perfect.
Basic White Tee
a Basic Black Tee
Any cut is fine. BUT I will say...I personally love a guy in a v-neck.
Denim Shirt
& we all know how much I love stripes.
These Knit Hem Jeans....Why do I want these for myself? 
I know a certain guy that would look so perfect in these.
Basic Black Soft Denim
Retro Leather Boots
Destructed Leather
Yeah! He's a little dream. 
I hope you enjoyed my James Dean Love. It really is such a tragedy that he died at such a young age. I do believe at some point this weekend, I will be watching Rebel Without A Cause and I will enjoy every single second of it.

It's almost the W E E K E N D love. 
So excited.

Bye for now,

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