September 24, 2014

Quirky Office Love

Hi loves. 
If you know me, you know I love paper, notebooks, pens,....basically any and all cute office supplies. Well, since I've been working from home, it seems to have gotten a little worse. I am always writing in a notebook; always searching for the perfect pen; always writing a 'Thank You' note or a little 'Just Because' note. 

It's worse friends..way worse!
Here are a few things I love and definitely would love to have in my working area.

{Large.Medium.Small Notebook}

{Mechanical Pencils}
{Felt Mini Bag}
{Message Illustration Postcards}
{Pink Shirt Bookmark}
{Smart Phone Wallet}
{Camera Stamp}
{Monopoly Leather Backpack}
{Sonny Angel Figures}
I mean really...does it get any cuter than these things?!?!
{Kitty Point Pens}
{Pretty Canvas Pattern Bags}
{Antique Stamp Stickers}
{Minesweep Postcards}
{Tree Magnet Clip Holder}
{Retro Notebooks}

Well....I could honestly go on and on and on with this LOVE list.
So, I think I will call it stops on that and just tell you where you can find all of this wonderfulness. You can find it all at MochiThings!
Everything is so so sssoooo cutsie.

If you want to be a sweetie and feel like gift giving, by all means, feel free to take any pick from this list or any pick from the entire website.

Bye for now loves..I hope you enjoyed my list and I hope you take a few minutes to stop by MochiThings and browse around for yourself.


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